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Ones To Watch 2021

The Creative economy struggles to engage with their creative work as an enterprise, which has myriad negative effects, not least going out of business.

We set out to help creators cost-effectively run successful businesses with minimal barriers to entry and we built a toolkit that allows teams to take ownership of their data and truly own their business, end-to-end. Pooling collective datasets, to provide bespoke insights and automated guidance for their products business.

terrible* takes care of everything from design to global supply to payments, logistics, delivery while facilitating selling with terrible Pay while reporting in real-time and remitting payments on demand.

Finally, a tool that delivers an entire product management team, purpose-built for the creative economy, online and on mobile

With terrible* creators can drive revenue and increase profits creators didn’t know they were missing out on. This means that The Creative Economy can continue to create and get all of us through the kinds of times still fresh in our collective memories.

terrible* has the power of being a known and loved brand, we stick to our values – helping creators make money is at the very heart of everything we do, we have the first of its kind platform, we plug into a global network of vetted and reliable suppliers who deliver quality products seamlessly and our users are more profitable.

terrible* is now 5 years old, has over 400 clients, has won two awards, made over a million pounds in revenue and works directly with Grammy award winners and chart-topping artists.

The team is made up of entrepreneurs, musicians and apparel designers, as well as entertainment and technology executives, with a combined 95 years of relevant experience.

This is a huge market, the b2b e-commerce market has an estimated value of £1.3 trillion, £19 billion a year is what the live music market is worth, and merchandise is worth £2.8 billion. Our addressable market values at around £2.1 billion.

When it comes to music there are 2 million active artists, 358 million engaged fans, 5 million online music stores and 350k live music shows a year.

Democratising the entire market will come through leveraging the power of the network within the platform itself and using affiliate rewards.  

We earn our portion by providing an addictive and engaging toolkit for creators and their teams with a subscription model for use of modular services, by taking a transaction fee on all B2C sales made by creators and commission on all orders made through the platform, scaling our business as our users scale theirs.

As a business built to help creators run their products businesses, we believe that being a CreaTech One to Watch will showcase our platform to creators who need this lifeline post-Covid. We will also be able to attract investment, new clients and be able to grow faster into other creative sectors beyond music. We will also be able to showcase our business and the work of our clients beyond the borders of the UK and start to export on a bigger scale.

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