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Ones To Watch 2021

Introducing SyncVault. Bringing artists + creators together through creativity and tech solutions.

SyncVault started as a traditional music licensing company, offering social media influencers the opportunity to purchase licenses to legally use copyrighted music in their online videos. We quickly spotted an opportunity that would benefit both artists and creators, and pivoted from music licensing with a market valued at $500 million per year, to music marketing, an area 10x bigger.

How does SyncVault deliver on the CIC CreaTech outlined criteria?
SyncVault is a disruptive platform that can demonstrate innovation with technology and creativity to provide a new opportunity to artists and YouTube influencers.

With 60,000 new tracks uploaded to Spotify every day, artists are struggling to cut through the noise and get their music heard. They are seeking new ways to promote their music, and collaborating with YouTube influencers could provide a creative solution as part of the marketing mix.

YouTubers are the perfect champions for new music with 75% of internet users aged 15-35 regularly watching YouTube content. YouTube is still the number one site for music discovery.

Historically YouTube creators have wanted to use great quality commercial music in their content, but have been deterred by copyright claims and the risk of demonetisation. On the flip side, artists want to work with influencers but often lack the time and resources to connect with the right ones, or are faced with hefty fees from influencer marketing agencies. In January 2021, we created a solution to this problem, with the introduction of VidCents Music.

Instead of charging influencers to purchase a sync license for the music in their videos, we decided to pay them. This has created a brand-new revenue stream for YouTube creators through the introduction of VidCents, our unique micro-payments currency, while also providing artists with the opportunity to have their music heard in hundreds of YouTube videos.
We call it the VidCents Network Effect.

Our system is fully automated, fast and 10x more effective than similar marketing methods.

How VidCents Music campaigns can help artists
Music is uploaded to SyncVault and discovered by YouTube influencers, who add the tracks to their content, along with a visual overlay credit and smart link to help promote the artist.
SyncVault generates data reports about the track usage empowering the artist with valuable insights into the YouTube channel and audience data from the smart link. Giving artists this visibility enables them to plan the next steps in their release strategy.
Influencer marketing can be an expensive activity, but SyncVault’s tiered packages present a practical and cost-effective solution with options to suit grassroots artists and major labels alike.

How and when did it start, and where has it got to now?
Since launching VidCents Music in January 2021, SyncVault has worked with 90+ independent artists to promote their music to our network of influencers. SyncVault currently has 2800 influencers in 40 territories registered on the platform, with new creators being added daily. Videos containing our artist’s music have exceeded 50,000,000 views to a subscriber base of 36,000,000.
Already a YouTube approved partner, SyncVault has also recently been approved for YouTube Music Playlist pitching, and with the arrival of YouTube Shorts, will be building more ways for artists to have their music promoted with user generated content.

What is its future potential?
The future potential resides in building a strong, thriving network of artists and creators that form collaborative communities. As we gather more data about our users, there is an opportunity to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that match artists to their ideal influencers based on territory, audience data and channel category.
Beyond the VidCents music campaigns, artists will have the opportunity to monetise their music to a wider network of YouTube creators through micro-licensing and Content ID revenue streams.

How this opportunity would benefit us
To be chosen for the ‘Ones To Watch’ showcase would offer SyncVault a powerful endorsement of our platform. We are building a collaborative network of creatives, and our platform is too good not to share with the wider music and tech community. We want to see this benefit artists and creators alike, shaking up the way that music reaches new audiences. SyncVault is at a crucial stage of the business as we pitch to new investors. The opportunity to reach leaders across the creative and tech space could be a fantastic springboard for SyncVault.

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