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Ones To Watch 2021
Purple MonsterPurple Monster

Purple Monster provides virtual conferences, events and communications for corporate clients which utilise both creativity and technology to deliver a unique experience. Our bespoke virtual conferences and events ensure a high level of engagement and interactivity which, for many, had been lost as a result of the pandemic. Our communication offering leverages a variety of creative and technical skill sets to bring client's messages to life, creating a memorable and different way of sharing information.

Your average virtual event may be a zoom call or avatar type production. Ours are innovative, filled with imagination therefore providing a rich experience for all delegates. We use a people centric approach, by integrating our own humour and ingenuity into the mix, but we also use the latest audio visual and chroma key technology to bring the event to life.

Our corporate clients are looking for an efficient method of engagement but not only this; They are also looking to reduce costs and environmental impact and to increase diversity and inclusion when it comes to larger communication or leadership events. Our solution allows teams to learn and connect with their organisation in a very real way but while minimising both cost and environmental impact.

Our conferencing model has been thoroughly tested with large multinational clients and their employees. There is a huge potential to expand this internal offering to external audiences as well as to widen the current reach within organisations. This could transform the way people meet, interact and connect without losing the value of face to face connection that all of us crave. The last year has highlighted how much the corporate world relied on travel and how much can be achieved without that cost and environmental impact. Going virtual is the future and our solution has already been proven to be engaging, effective and efficient.

We have created a versatile model within the UK which is ripe for overseas partnerships. Despite our studio being UK based we have already been able to partner with technology providers in Prague to deliver an international event in which an overseas ‘hub’ was created. From Purple Monster’s UK base we can operate international events with several overseas hubs using both international technology companies and studios. By engaging multiple speakers and content experts we are also able to deliver specific sessions during our events. So far our international collaborations have been with various keynotes speakers, live workshops and even a yoga session!

We had a standing start in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic when all of our face to face events were cancelled. Now we can proudly say we have a full order book of virtual events and communication projects with a wide range of global and corporate clients including BP, Mondelez International, Asahi Breweries, Kraft Heinz and Inmarsat.

The feedback from our clients during this period has been nothing short of extraordinary. Leaders and employees alike have felt connected and engaged despite not being able to be in the same room. The buzz we create using chat box functionality has meant informal relationship building and networking has been able to continue far beyond anything our clients have seen with other offerings. We are continually learning and expanding our offer to advance the creativity and technical possibilities we can offer. It is our unique blend of the two which has allowed us to achieve such impressive results.

Purple Monster and our virtual conferences have huge potential for a wider reach to more multinational companies especially as they look to benefit from the significantly lower costs and reduced environmental impact. We are a small company of just five people who achieved incredible things, particularly in the last year. Being a One to Watch would provide us with a platform to reach new, exciting clients who we know are searching for a solution such as this.

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