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Ones To Watch 2021

ClicknClear is an award-winning, first of its kind music rights tech and licensing company delivering officially licensed music to untapped markets initially focussing on performance sports and fitness worldwide - a £2bn+ annual untapped revenue opportunity for music.
Performance sports, where music is intrinsic to the routine (cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, figure skating etc.) have no way to license the specialist set of adaptation, choreography and sync rights needed to create a mix to accompany their routines. A major record label sued the Cheerleading industry for multi-millions, validating the problem, but there was still no channel through which sports could easily license all the rights they need in the huge volumes required.
Music rights are complex with typically over 10 owners per song needing individual permission before a license can be granted.
Traditional case by case licensing methods aren't feasible for the estimated 1Bn specialist licenses required each year by performance sports. Our Founder, Chantal Epp (a world champion cheerleader and pioneer of disability-inclusive cheerleading, music producer and music licensing professional) created a solution to this global problem.
ClicknClear disrupts the traditional licensing model by using innovative technology to unlock untapped revenue opportunities through integrating rights management, a licensing marketplace and license verification to provide a full solution for every part of the sports and fitness ecosystem.

Founded in 2017, and officially launched in June 2020, the company has grown to sign deals with over 640 record labels and publishers (representing thousands) including Sony, Warner, Universal Music Publishing, BMG and others clearing the unique set of rights needed for the market.
We’ve put deals in place with International and National Sports Federations (Cheerleading, DanceSport, Jump Rope) in multiple countries including Korea, Canada and USA who have the power to mandate our solution, writing us into their rules and driving teams/athletes to license music on ClicknClear directly. In addition, we are working with a number of Fitness organisations to help them get online legally.
These deals address markets worth £250M in annual recurring revenue as sports return to competition following Covid-19, with many more in the pipeline that will increase that figure to £1Bn annual recurring.
ClicknClear uses a suite of innovative technologies to tackle this licensing problem, including a rights management database that manages and matches complex rights ownership information, piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of rights to deliver fully cleared music onto our Licensing Platform.
The Licensing  Platform is an online marketplace for Teams/Athletes to instantly license music with the rights they need (adaptation, choreography) for £10, £15 or £25 per song, per year. We have over 260k+ tracks live and more than 2.5M tracks and 10M publishing rights in our internal database.
Finally, our License Verification System acts as a Content ID tool for sports and fitness organisations at a local, national and worldwide level, identifying the music being used in each routine mix, and then verifying those results against the license agreements database. This delivers a fully auditable trail of licensing to the sports federations and fitness organisations worldwide. This in turn facilitates licensing of the live streaming and video-on-demand rights (which has become more important post-pandemic) for music licensed for the routines, by tracking and reporting usage and license fees.
Our technology builds a high value-add channel that bridges the gap between Sports & Fitness, who want to use music legally, and Music who want their artists and writers to be fairly compensated for their works.
We have won multiple awards for Best Startup (NY:LON and Midemlabs) and our Founder has won Entrepreneurship awards (Women of the Future) and been nominated for Innovation Awards (Everywomen in Tech).
Our model transforms the way music is licensed and is scalable to other vertical markets within music and in other IP markets. The company has already started moving into new music markets outside of performance sports including Marching Band, and will continue to identify untapped markets that need the support of technology to instantly license music (and in future other IP) for their needs. We conservatively expect to generate over £400M+ revenue in 2025.
As a female-founded tech company with a diverse team, being featured on the CreaTech Ones to Watch list will not only raise awareness for the problems we are solving and the innovative tech we have built which is unlocking untapped revenue opportunities for music rightholders but your platform and network reach will also help elevate our advocacy work for disability inclusion in the creative industries.

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