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Ones To Watch 2021

A-dapt International Ltd

A-dapt International LtdA-dapt International Ltd

A-dapt has developed an Edge AI-based perceptive digital content format, that creates a new paradigm in screen-based interaction. Adaptive-media® is digital media that adapts naturally to the viewer in real-time based upon how they appear and react, in much the same way that humans instinctively adapt to each other in real-time, by being able to read emotions, mood, demographic information and measuring attention. Adapt’s format reads facial inputs through the device camera using browser-based AI to analyse the person and serve appropriate content usually in the form of digital tools or videos. Not to be confused with facial recognition, our format does not send personal data to the server and is fully GDPR compliant. Our technology creates hyper-personalised experiences in real-time without the need for personal or ‘programmatic’ data. We have already built prototypes for education, and health training video tutorials.

We use a patented JS/HTML5 media player and SDK which runs inside every HTML5 compliant browser. It does not require any specific plugin or app to be installed by the viewer. Algorithms take frames from the camera stream and produce anonymous ‘traits and attributes’ that are used to drive the digital video playback making it adapt. This kind of output cannot be linked to the viewer as this information is not connected to the source frame. It is not permanently stored and is instantaneously processed only in the frame-time it has been detected. A-dapt then build adaptive content experiences using our expertise and software.

COVID 19 is disrupting and reshaping global commerce, education and health. Learners are having to learn from home and the vulnerable are having to stay home. The world is becoming increasingly self-isolated as we enter an era of increased screen-based dependency. One impact has been to dramatically illustrate the need for innovative screen-based formats. There is nothing like Adaptive-media®, which represents a new type of humanised immersive experience.

In 2020, A-dapt won IUK funding and launched Focus Pocus ( a perceptive owl that helps children sustain attention during screen-based learning. Focus Pocus uses the device camera and an algorithm that can be adjusted to the individual, for measuring and rewarding attention whilst learning from home. It does this without filming, recording or using facial recognition.  Focus Pocus was shortlisted for best Covid-19 innovation at the Global CogX Awards. It is being tested in a Summer Holidays Maths ‘Catch up trial’ for Year 4 children with White Rose Maths, a company founded within a high-performing, Halifax-based school trust with a mission to help children enjoy and master maths, whether that be in school or at home. The evaluation will be used as a basis for developing a fully adaptive Maths lesson that adjusts and branches based upon the performance of the individual student, enabling students to learn at their own pace, providing teachers with powerful data and insights.

A-dapt won a second Innovate UK grant to create a new format for soft skills training. Our partner Nacro Education offers young people who don’t fit into mainstream education and training, an opportunity to develop the skills they need to go into further education or employment. Our other partner, The Institute for Employment is an independent, apolitical, international centre of research in public employment policy. IES has a strong track record of research on youth transitions, employability and soft skills. Disadvantaged young adults often have low esteem and lack confidence. By developing a good set of soft skills, they can dramatically increase their chances of success. This user group is in most need of positive intervention. One of the key barriers they need to overcome is doing well in a job interview where they have had very little practice and help. Our solution is an Adaptive-media® based interview training platform that prepares prepare young adults for job interview, sharpening up the learner's self-awareness, boasting their confidence and developing their emotional intelligence, giving them all they need to give their best possible interview.

Being part of CreaTech One to Watch 2021 will hugely benefit A-dapt as we launch a complete new immersive format innovation into the UK Creative Technology sector. We see the potential for other UK companies to work with us and we will scale our UK operations with a diverse range of talent and experience as we commercialise our unique format.

Our goal is to create a 100 million business within 6 years. We are now backed by one of Switzerland’s wealthiest investors who supports charity projects which are devoted to treating mental illness in children

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