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Ones To Watch 2021

MAD XR Limited

MAD XR LimitedMAD XR Limited

MAD XR is an Innovation focused Creative Production Agency with a deep commitment to Sustainability Best Practices. We specialise in producing bespoke and developed immersive experiences in XR for the world of Fashion, Art, Entertainment and Retail.
THE PRODUCT Over the last 18 months we have prototyped and developed a proprietary AR powered app to showcase immersive experiences. We are currently in 3.0 beta version of the app which showcases five designer immersive AR experiences highlighting functionality and fidelity of the technology, unlocking the access to into a brand’s universe through creativity and inclusivity. The current demo will be available to experience through an invite link to download with any iOS device in the comfort of the users space and allow them to be immersed in the experience, anytime, anywhere. The experiences include hyper realistic 3D models, animated graphics, music and also a SHAREABLE function to take a video or photo in the environment and share it directly to the users social media creating circular brand engagement. Additional functionalities will include WEARABLE function for AR try on of products showcased in the experiences, as well as SHOPPABLE function for direct links to shop products from the experience. THE SERVICES With over 15 years of experience in providing global brands and agencies production services to deliver omnichannel campaigns through our sister company MAD Productions, we have a network of global vendors to be able to service projects in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, Holograms, 3D Design and Volumetric Capture. We are continually adding to the services we are able offer our clients in a rapidly changing CreaTech ecosystem by actively networking and participating in events, webinars and workshops. OPPORTUNITY 1. Surprise factor (creativity + originality): The 3.0 demo app showcases immersive AR experiences like never seen before. We have worked hard to push the boundaries on producing hyper real 3D assets in the experiences which have a shock “WOW” factor. 2. Purpose factor (effectiveness + problem-solving): Our aim is to help fashion, art, media companies use Augmented Reality to immerse, engage, inform and excite their audiences democratising access to their worlds by the use of only their mobile devices. 3. Disruptive factor (originality + ambition): New Shopify data shows products and experiences using Augmented Reality have a 94% higher conversion rate for sales than products and experiences without using it. This is just one of the statistics to prove that AR is already changing the way people shop and with XR wearables soon to launch, the XR ecosystem will disrupt traditional advertising, media and content production. 4. Cross-sectoral impact and/or opportunity for global collaboration: We have worked with developers and 3D teams globally to deliver the 3.0 version of the app. For all future projects we also have a network of global resources to bring together for collaboration and partnerships across various creative sectors. 5. Commercial impact: We are currently 18 months into prototyping the AR demo app and are currently showing clients and brands our 3.0 version. We wish to continually iterate to add in more functionalities as other wider technology trends evolve so we are able to gain adoptability while still staying ahead of the curve. HOW
MAD XR was officially launched in 2020 at the height of a global pandemic. It was a direct response to develop an IRL x URL solution for the fashion, art and retail industries. Now more than ever we want to be at the forefront of providing counsel, resources and services for innovative use cases of immersive technology to excite, inform and engage the post Covid consumer. FUTURE POTENTIAL On the product side, we are currently in demo for the 3.0 version of our AR app prototype, and we wish to keep iterating to add additional functionalities using body tracking, AI, ML Algorithms. Also, we would like to build on an offering of developer APIs and SDKs for companies to use as plug-ins to their existing websites and apps. Being selected as “CIC Ones to Watch” will give us the recognition to secure funding for R&D and prototyping new ideas in Digital Fashion, Blockchain, NFTs space to add to our offering as well as continually iterate our current product demo. On the service side, we are currently pitching our new CreaTech services to all our existing clients in the Fashion industry. Being selected as “CIC Ones to Watch” will give us the recognition to be able to develop more immersive projects for Institutions and for Education as well.

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