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Ones To Watch 2021

Musemio is a mobile XR app that allows children to adventure on immersive quests featuring co-created narrative content from partner institutions around the world. Musemio showcases how technology is reshaping cultural institutions, as well as how new tech goods and services for creative outputs and services may be efficiently co-created. Musemio is an international, female-led team with expertise in cultural management, EdTech, and immersive realities. Musemio's story began with a desire to personalise museum collections and stories using cutting-edge technology while also creating a digital portal for children to explore their interests. Starting as a basic game with limited movement opportunities such as teleportation, Musemio is now working with world-known institutions allowing them to tell their stories in a new way. Musemio’s proprietary movement style allows the users to explore the world around them using in-built controllers in mobile VR that also prevent the users from feeling nauseous within Musemio experiences.

Musemio addresses the needs of children and families lacking exposure to cultural experiences from trustworthy sources, valuable knowledge of the world they live in which helps shape globally-minded citizens of tomorrow.  Through the creation of virtual realities Musemio can creatively and digitally  shape the world around children to enrich their knowledge and understanding. Musemio is successful because of the team’s experience of creating age-appropriate immersive learning design, supported by a demonstrable track record of executing XR product-partnerships with the cultural sector to bring culture, arts, and science to life for children at home, beyond the museum. Musemio monetizes B2C and B2C by co-creating lines with world-leading cultural partners, sharing revenues generated through app sales and cross-pollinated marketing. By providing engaging content that develops deeper connections, Musemio challenges the limits of a museum's physical walls and extends accessible to all.  

Our partnerships pipeline is cultivated and groomed through customer-engagement events, where our Musemio Culture Re-imagined Summits in 2020 and 2021 saw over 700 museum professionals register to attend.

Powered by expertise in the culture sector, Musemio is  built upon best-practice research methods, extensive testing and validation with over 3000 children, supported by UCL Institute of Education and Finnish pedagogical principles. Musemio's vision for the future is to become digital ambassadors, guiding cultural institutions on their technological journeys while also providing a service that benefits both businesses and consumers. To date we have worked  with world-leading heritage partners including Royal Museums Greenwich, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology,  Hellenic Museum of Informational Technology, Crisis Charity among others.  Current projects include London Transport Museum to enable at-home exploration of Clapham South deep shelter, supporting WWII Key stage 2 curriculum themes. To date, Musemio educational products were developed for mobile VR, running from just a smartphone plus cardboard headset. But pandemic scenarios require widespread access to impactful educational solutions. Our business step change means our Key Stage 2 age-appropriate software products are available across all platforms: VR, mobile-devices, and desktop solutions. Musemio is accessible for all.
Becoming one-to-watch under CIC Createch would benefit Musemio’s access to advice and capital in order to boost accessibility and creative outreach to partners. The recognition would aid partnerships with cultural institutions. Partnering with cultural incumbents, Musemio taps into partners' marketing resources to spread promotional costs and accelerate our growth as a platform. Partners are motivated to cross-promote Musemio to increase attention, traction, and revenues among families, while new audiences get exposed to Musemio products from other institutions, cross-promoted on the Musemio app. The opportunity for further networking events would expand Musemio’s reach and increase our potential of leading a digital domain which triumphs child-led immersive storytelling. Thank you for considering Musemio.

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