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Ones To Watch 2021
Data DuopolyData Duopoly

The product
Data Duopoly’s products aim to solve the issue of congestion and frustrations experienced by visitors by offering them an incentive driven way to discover and navigate venues and/or attractions.
Using the integrated GPS technology in phones, visitors operate an illustrative interactive map via an app where they can easily see the busy areas and avoid crowds. Venues receive the anonymous visitor data via an analytics dashboard where they can access a live heatmap to spot potential hotspots for congestion in real time. They can then manually or automatically send out personalised offers and other nudge notifications to encourage visitors away from problem areas whilst simultaneously enhancing their experience.

Data Duopoly’s white label software can be tailor-built, or offered as a plug-in API for venues with an existing app. The products work on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model so no additional hardware is required. The map can include creative gamification, such as animated trails or information on exhibits to further enrich the visitor experience. Data Duopoly’s unique illustrative style complements the products’ usability, enhancing functionality with attractive layouts.

Data Duopoly’s products are unique in that they provide value to both its users and its customers. Users (or visitors) receive an enhanced digital and personalised experience and customers (venues/attractions) receive valuable data insights into how visitors are using their site which will assist with long-term planning around customer flow.
How it started
Data Duopoly was founded by two highly motivated women on a mission to revolutionise the visitor experience. Tanuvi Ethunandan, a Chartered Accountant, and Erin Morris, an award-winning Film Director, met through the Launchpad incubator based in Falmouth, Cornwall in late 2018. Determined to solve the problem of overcrowding and sustaining visitor engagement, Data Duopoly was born.
Where it’s got to
Piloting with the Eden Project (top 40 largest visitor attraction in the UK) in 2019, Data Duopoly proved that the platform can shift visitor flow away from less busy areas via targeted offers, with 33% of visitors taking up the incentivised offer during the trial. It was also reported that live talks that day had the highest ever attendance, proving the nudge notification reminders sent to visitors nearby were successful.

Xplor-TINCOAST is a tailored pilot product commissioned by the Cornish Tin Coast, in partnership with the National Trust which will launch end of June 2021. They hope to gain a greater understanding about how visitors currently explore their three World Heritage Sites in West Cornwall.

Further developing its technology, Data Duopoly incorporated a COVID tracker and alert system for it’s Xplor-CAMPUS product. Designed for universities to enable staff and students to return to campus with confidence, it’s currently being trialled by Falmouth University. The pilot is due to complete upon the students return in September 2021 and if successful, it’s hoped the university will become Data Duopoly’s second paying client.

The future

With attractions and venues currently operating at reduced capacity, Data Duopoly hopes it’s products can aid venues in their post-pandemic recovery. The innovative technology will give visitors confidence that they can return to busy places safely, whilst venues can generate maximum revenue from a reduced customer base.

Data Duopoly has great future potential, with technology that can easily be applied to retail, airport and event spaces. As well as Universities and attractions, we hope to see our products being taken up within shopping centres over the next five years. We look forward to adapting the products and seeing how our technology will evolve to solve the unique problems each venue faces.
Data Duopoly feels it has a corporate social responsibility to aid economical, social and ecological responsible products that promote sustainable tourism. In a world where over tourism is becoming an ever-increasing issue and on-demand consumption is shortening people’s attention spans, harnessing innovative digital solutions that promote engagement and crowd management is essential.
CIC CreaTech One to Watch 2021  
It would be great to become part of the Creative Industries Council community of creative industries and be recognised and celebrated by industry leaders. Having the opportunity to reach a global audience and potential investors could really transform our passionate startup.

Being recognised as part of CreaTech Ones to Watch 2021 would truly strengthen Data Duopoly’s marketing efforts. Increasing our visibility on the global stage would bolster our brand awareness and add merit to our sales pitches. We also see huge value in obtaining access to technology leaders and the Moore Kingston Smith support package.

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