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Ones To Watch 2021

Finalist in Platform of the Year 2021, the Place Experience Platform is a pioneering digital placemaking platform that has been developed to improve the visitor experience and local economies of towns and cities.

Already, users have provided stellar feedback:
“This is awesome! Such an exciting example of 21st century placemaking and, even more importantly in the current climate, a brilliant tool for helping places inspire people to come and visit. Really cool stuff.”

“This looks a really fantastic way to encourage people to engage with their urban environments and cultural heritage and to discover more about the stories that make a place special.”

An original creative technology solution for driving place-based growth, fostering local identity and enabling new forms of location-based media, the Place Experience Platform is both an exciting visitor experience product and a place management system. Already deployed in London, Hamburg and Valencia, in 2021 it was launched as a key digital product to support the regeneration of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

“As part of Salisbury’s economic recovery plans, the Salisbury Trails App is a perfect way to share the heritage of Salisbury with visitors in compelling ways.” Terry Bracher, Wiltshire Council.

Calvium identified the opportunity to develop the platform to satisfy unmet city visitor needs. Despite a global pandemic and a deeply uncertain business environment, in 2020 the company invested in the platform's design, development and launch; demonstrating both a firm belief in the value of the Place Experience Platform and a commitment to sustaining the company's ambitious growth trajectory through internal investment.

The platform is intended to reshape the ways that visitors can experience towns and cities worldwide, providing opportunities for vital creative sector/technology collaborations and partnerships across industries. Calvium is in early conversations with India, Australia and the US.

Apple has chosen to promote 'Hidden Cities', built on the Place Experience Platform, on its AppStore homepage - a phenomenal accolade and achievement for Calvium's transformative platform.

The Place Experience Platform comprises two elements: the Place Experience App and the Place Management System.

The Place Experience App attracts people to a destination, provides a unique experience when there and encourages repeat visits:
- Unique creative content about a destination – combining wayfinding, storytelling and up-to-date information. Storytelling can be co-created with communities or by professional creative practitioners.
- Responsive and personalised visitor experience.
- Geolocated media (sound, text, image) and augmented reality fosters deeper relationships between people and places.
The content can be added to and refreshed regularly, ensuring the visitor is always delighted.

The Place Management System is an easy to use, flexible and scalable CMS that gives place managers complete control of all content seen in the App:
- Puts control of the visitor experience in the hands of place managers - simple, reliable and easy to use.
- Gives place managers the ability to design and map the trails - visitors can be drawn away from busy thoroughfares and bottlenecks that cause long wait times and clustering, strain infrastructure and damage assets.
- Enables visitor experiences to be changed easily and quickly.
- Supports economies of less visited areas by encouraging visitors to move around the location in a guided way.
- Intuitive system that provides agility, flexibility and real-time responsiveness.

The platform operates at the intersection of creativity, technology and place. It provides creatives from design, animation, theatre and more, the new opportunity to make and upload original locative content that helps to expand and reshape people's cultural experiences of destinations.

As visitors engage with a destination through bespoke creative content, expert storytelling and crafted wayfinding, they discover less trodden paths, spend more time in a location and contribute to the wider local economy.

The Place Experience Platform is at the first stage of its roadmap. As it scales it will become the premiere global digital placemaking product that fuses technical excellence with outstanding creative prowess, thus achieving compelling locative experiences and fuelling place-based growth.

Calvium will benefit massively from being a CIC CreaTech One to Watch. It will help us reach a wider audience and demonstrate to the world the value of the Place Experience Platform. Our profile and credibility will increase hugely which will impact upon our potential to maximise growth and profit. The international networking opportunity will enable us to connect with creative tech practitioners, potential clients and programme experts, thus helping to drive commercial success.

It would be magnificent to be selected.

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