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Ones To Watch 2021

GigRealm is an online platform that puts the control of organising gigs back into the hands of those within the live music industry. We connect emerging and developing artists with gigs across the UK.

We believe GigRealm delivers against the outlined criteria by bringing to market an innovative, disruptor which revolutionises the way live music is organised. We're here to firstly protect this vital space but also enhance it by providing the much needed infrastructure it needs to thrive. Through the use of bespoke coding and technologies, GigRealm delivers a digital service never seen before in the UK. We've not only developed a platform that takes care of the entire booking process but have also developed key USPs including our GigContract™ and GigPromo™ tools.

We're now ready to relaunch across the UK as COVID restrictions end with the aim to launch internationally in territories our management team have successfully launched other businesses into including USA. Post-Brexit this will provide UK artists with instant access to gigs globally.

Below provides a deeper dive into what GigRealm provides Artists & Venues.

Artists have continuously been stripped of their ability to earn a fair salary at the grassroots level and many now play for free. Some even pay-to-play just to gain exposure. With the rise of online streaming, and lack of income via this model, many artists including those signed to labels are turning to gigs to supplement their income and increase their exposure. However, there has always been a lack of infrastructure and support for emerging and developing artists to gain access to this space. Also understanding how to navigate the industry and to ensuring gigs are done on their terms, without being exploited.

With GigRealm, artists benefit from access to more gigs, fair pay and exposure. They begin by creating their free profile/EPK, allowing venues and promoters to better understand them and their music before connecting. We then provide instant access to the right gigs, generating stability and growth by ensuring they have access to paid gigs, all whilst increasing their exposure. The truly innovative part is that for the first time within the industry artists are being given an online service that allows them to manage their entire digital presence and gig schedules. We also allow artists to be paid via our platform and give them the added protection of our GigContract™. This is automatically populated when a gig is confirmed, an industry first. We're also the first to also ban pay-to-play and free gigs being advertised to ensure artists are always paid for their work. Our other USP is our GigPromo tool which allow artists and venues to auto-generate promotional materials to promote their gigs. Overall, GigRealm is revolutionising the way gigs are organised whilst ensuring we support grassroots music to thrive.

Venues continue to be effected by the rise in operating costs with little external support. Whilst some provide live music as a way to boost their turnover, most struggle to navigate the music industry and don’t know where to start. How do you find artists? How much do you pay them? Are you getting value for money and will it increase wet sales? With no obvious solution, they have failed to tap into a vital offering.

With GigRealm, venues and their promoters, get a cost effective and easy way to book artists by breaking down the the complexity involved in doing this. We make it easy to find, review and book artists. With everything being managed from a centralised dashboard, it's easy for both a novice and expert gig organiser to navigate their way through the process. We also cater for all types of business models across the hospitality industry. Whether you're an independent pub or a Pub Co with a large estate, we have you covered. From pubs to restaurants, hotels to nightclubs and even festivals, we cater for all.

GigRealm is excited to support these vital industries and proud to have established relationships with key organisations who see the value in what we do. We're currently members of the Association of Independent Music (AIM) and the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA). We're also thrilled to have the support of well respected execs from across both industries who joined our Advisory Board to help guide our growth. They include Alison Wenham OBE, Andy Saunders and Emma McClarkin. Our Managing Partner, Tom, has also been recognised recently for his work bringing GigRealm to market, being added to the Alternative Power 100 Music List 2020.

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