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Ones To Watch 2021

dandelion + burdock

dandelion + burdockdandelion + burdock

At dandelion + burdock we create digital experiences, interactive installations and live events for a global set of clients. We have offices in London and Los Angeles we use real time technology to deliver spectacular animated content. We work in a variety of mediums including projection, fixed installations, mixed reality, virtual production, location based entertainment and interactive software development.

We're currently helping companies transition to delivering virtual events via virtual production. Most recently we have delivered a live streamed performance by JBalvin in Fortnite, a virtual launch for the new Ford E-Transit van as well as a 40 minute live broadcast from the team at Yahoo which previewed upcoming innovations that will transform how people connect with what they love. Virtual Production or Extended Reality is a next-generation workflow for broadcast, education and live event production which utilises a combination of different technologies. Using a high resolution LED stage, environmental lighting and broadcast cameras, coupled with spatial tracking, we can deliver immersive, interactive virtual environments for a range of use cases. These can include virtual events, live panel discussions, interactive sets - all with the possibility of having augmented reality as an additional content layer. When integrated with real-time animations, virtual dynamic landscapes, live-video link-ups and interactive data visualisations the potential for a new way of storytelling is immense. This technology enables us to create new worlds specifically for brands, that deliver against the new reality of people’s needs and values. XR has proved that studios and content creators can start to rethink the way that they approach content production. We are seeing how quickly a range of different industries are adopting this type of workflow for creating content. The obvious use cases are for film and tv production but we have experience creating visual moments for music performances, product launches and digital fashion activations.

Co-Founders, Niall Thompson and Nils Porrmann, started dandelion + burdock in 2005, fresh-faced out of completing their degree in Graphic Media Design at the University of the Arts in London. Sixteen years later we now have offices on both sides of the Atlantic and have delivered projects in five continents. Our diverse team is made up of creatives, directors, animators, technical directors, designers, developers, producers and operators. As creative technologists it's our role to pioneer and evaluate new technological approaches to creating content. As we envision new realities in this hyper-digital moment we use our skills as 3D artists, software developers and event producers to create these new worlds and experiences. We refer to dandelion + burdock as a special projects company, primarily because each project we deliver is so different to the last. We are driven by complex technical challenges, creating culture content, launching strategy, design and production to realise award winning interactive work.

In this intra-COVID-world we are seeing an accelerated appreciation of digital worlds. As the globe moves towards online learning, virtual concerts and video chats, luxury brands and live entertainment are embracing innovations in technology to create new digital experiences. Virtual production, mixed reality and advances in capture technology has proved that agencies and content creators can start to rethink the way that they approach creating content for their clients. Traditional 2D presentation has now transformed into organic and interactive virtual 3D experiences opening up magical opportunities to tell engaging stories in emotionally connected ways. We certainly foresee that all live events will now take a hybrid approach where there will be a virtual version or component. The use of mixed reality will need to expand to enable for more human connections and more realistic digital experiences. Games will feel like events and events will feel like games. We are also excited about the potential of integrating new technologies such as AI or machine learning and understanding how that can be applied to content creation.

For us it's all about exposure. For brands to reinvent themselves it requires a radical cultural shift, experience and a willingness to do something different. Therefore it's important for us to be seen by the right people who share this mindset. We firmly believe that this positive attitude, combined with the magical power of storytelling and the innovative use technology, will allow brands to have a unique voice in a competitive market.

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