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Ones To Watch 2021

Dojo Films Ltd

Dojo Films LtdDojo Films Ltd

  Dojo Films is a production and creative agency purposefully built for the future.

We use software and tech applications to provide a production model that offers end-to-end production services to global brands and agencies across every region they operate in.

We have built a strategic network of crew across the world, and this finely tuned network is our differentiator. Our current focus is North America and Europe, but we also produce content in the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Russia, with ambitions to expand into new regions.

Our model allows us to bookend the creative process with in-house pre-production and development at one end, and in-house post-production at the other. Our process demands strong quality control to make sure content shot across different regions by different teams still has the look of a "one crew shoot". Our producers do this with meticulous attention to detail, and we are proud of the results.

This "video tech" model has become even more relevant in the past 18 months during the global pandemic, and as a company we have grown exponentially as the world evolves towards a more remote and localised way of business. We see ourselves as a tech solution to a highly competitive creative industry that needs to change with the times.

We believe we deliver on the CIC outlined criteria:
Surprise factor - we are one of the early adopters of this new way of production, using cloud based asset management and platform based production software
Purpose factor - our model solves the inherent problems with international travel during the pandemic, while also reducing the carbon footprint of our productions.
Disruptive factor - we believe this is the future of production, and as early adopters and a strong strategic network of tried and trusted crew, we already have a head-start
Global collaboration - we are a uk based-company, but in the past 18 months we have worked in 24 different countries across the world
Commercial impact - we set up the company in October 2019, and we have already turned over £600,000 without any investment. Our projection is to be turning over £3m/year within the next two years, but we believe that number could be a lot higher. with the right exposure.

Exposure is one of the big reasons we think being a CreaTech One To Watch would be a huge step forward for our business. We know our model works, and that it is the future of production, but now we need to tell the world. And we will of course need support and advice along the way.

We were selected to be a part of the London Business Growth Programme in summer 2020, and gained huge value from that experience. Becoming a CreaTech One To Watch for 2021 would be the perfect next step for us, giving Dojo Films the exposure and support we need tell our story to a wider audience.

First and foremost, we are creatives. We are passionate about storytelling. But underpinning this creativity are the mechanics we use to tell our stories in new and innovative ways. We are starting to explore new technologies within our productions, with virtual production, virtual reality and augmented reality also becoming interesting new storytelling tools. As a case study, we work with Abbey Road Red, a Universal company and tech innovation hub for the music industry, who are exploring and investing in a wide variety of musical innovations including AI, machine learning and virtual and augmented reality.

We have a niche focus on software and technology companies, as we believe we understand the nuances of telling stories within this sector. Our mission statement for this sector is twofold:

"To simplify the complex"
"To humanise the technological"

We would be privileged to become a CIC CreaTech One to Watch in 2021, and are thankful for your time and consideration.

Sam Ramsden
Dojo Films Ltd

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