new Resource Book lists 200 createch pioneers


The Createch Resource Book offers an outline of this fast-growing category and details of 100 creatively-led businesses and 100 tech-led businesses at the cutting edge of Createch developments.

The two lists have been drawn up, separately, by the organisations involved in the Creative Industries Council and by the TLA, the private sector-led coalition from the tech sector. The Resource Book was published to co-incide with Createch 2018 conference during London Tech Week.

Createch is the broad term for activities in which creativity and technology interact. It includes genres such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (AR), and creative implementations of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The 200 businesses listed in the Resource Book highlight the breadth and ambition of businesses in the UK involved in the Createch space.

The UK's strength in both creativity and technological development has positioned it to be an early adopter of Createch.

According to official data for 2016, there are more than 226,000 digital businesses in the UK, and 284,000 creative enterprises. Employment grew by 12.6% in digital jobs and by 25.4% in creative jobs between 2011 and 2016, and there are already an estimated 1,000 UK businesses specialising in immersive technologies, such as AR.

In the introduction to the Resource Book, the BBC Studios CEO Tim Davie, writes that this a good time to assess the opportunities from Createch.

Davie writes: "If now is the right time to look at Createch opportunities for your organisation, we believe the UK is the right place to bring those opportunities to market - and from there to the world."


Download Createch Resource Book

The Resource Book is also available in Chinese