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SonicData Limited

SonicData LimitedSonicData Limited

SonicData's Mission is to enable, understand and track all the World's audio content from creation to consumption. We believe that our SonicKey™ technology can be as important for sound and audio as Google was for search. Our technology enables all audio to be identifiable, referenceable and trackable. SonicKey is a new Patented technology platform for sound. Any content with sound is now uniquely identifiable with 100 percent accuracy to any version, stream, edit, cut, language, performance or distributed copy. Designed for streaming it is fast and performant. It can be easily integrated in to both software and hardware. Understanding usage of sound is fundamentally important for all major technology companies. If all audio and sound contains a SonicKey, you can understand, track, sell and monetise against any content, communication or device. SonicData provides a range of agile detection solutions from broadcast to social media and public performance. While technology has revolutionised the distribution and consumption of so much content, creators and rights holders have been unable to accurately understand or control its use. SonicData technology and delivery solutions enable artists, creators and rights holders to maximise their revenues for use of their work. SonicKey can enable every play to be tracked worldwide in real time. Further, all use on social media and video sharing platforms can be controlled and monetised. Each SonicKey is individual and can be encoded at any point in the content’s journey, including at the point of delivery. SonicKey has a 100 percent effective detection rate across broadcast and streaming, social media, video sharing and in-venue use. SonicKey has been extensively tested and will survive all format changes through content distribution channels. Commercial Applications include: Music - Digital streaming, broadcast, in-venue, social media and video sharing sites. SVoD - Digital streaming - Video and TV Advertising - Tracking and device enabling. Sports Rights - Tracking stream sharing and monetising original content. News - Enabling permissions or restrictions for use of media. Video Games - Tracking and enabling rights use in streams. Voice Controlled Devices - SonicKey acts as a keyword trigger enabling services.  SonicData’s technology is an algorithm that adapts to any sound, identifying and understanding its frequency and harmony. This means that the SonicKey becomes part of the underlying sound of any music or content in which it is encoded. SonicKey is inaudible watermarking. In music SonicData’s cloud based solutions can encode millions of songs in just a few hours. How does it work? During encoding the SonicData technology searches ahead for the insertion points in the sound, adding the SonicKey in so that it is melodically sympathetic, undetectable and inseparable from the audio. A SonicKey can be encoded and decoded in all formats of audio and video. Whilst SonicData is a complex algorithm it is also a lightweight process, meaning any stream or broadcast can have its own individual SonicKey, making each piece of content and stream singularly unique. The application of the technology is highly distributable and thus endlessly scaleable allowing for a vast number of transactions and events to be recorded and analysed. SonicKeys are untraceable to anyone without a SonicData StreamReader. The StreamReader can be deployed as part of a customer’s technology platform, as a customised solution or as a smartphone or desktop App. SonicKey enables multiple applications and works everywhere, 24 hours a day. A SonicKey also enables sophisticated data analytics and data capture. British and Patented SonicData has granted Patents in USA and UK and Patents Pending Europe and China. It is built. It is being delivered across all international territories. SonicData has been created by a group of British innovators from music, video games and technology. The SonicKey was invented in a British recording studio by Grammy award winning music producer Simon Gogerly. SonicData has completed two successful seed funding rounds to date. It Works The SonicKey can be tested at The SonicData platform has been extensively tested and is being commercially trialled by music companies in Europe and the US across broadcast radio and TV. At launch we are focusing on the global music industry. Other sectors using audio will follow. The SonicKey will be free to encode for all artists and rights holders. Commercial tests will be followed shortly by live testing of our public music monitoring device, SonicVenue.  Pay for every play is a key issue in music; indeed music streaming and music use by streaming and tech platforms is the subject of a DCMS Select Committee Inquiry.

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