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Ones To Watch 2021
iAM LearningiAM Learning

There’s a real challenge in the workplace of getting people motivated and inspired to learn. Leaders have to chase overdue compliance courses and when a workforce isn’t engaged or actively seeking learning, then you’ll find emerging business skills gaps. Without the right skills and behaviours a business can’t thrive and grow. Click, read, quiz, forget is what a lot workers get with their online offering. Or, 45 minutes of sitting and clicking through a course – that’s too much to retain.

This is where our solution and iAM Learning comes in. We’re transforming workplace learning from dull PowerPoints into visually arresting learning that drives change, and keep learners coming back for more. All our learning is bite sized, ranging from 5-15 minute courses, that allows people to learn in the flow of work and acquire the skills when needed. Or, easily fit in between their busy day-to-day responsibilities. Learning has become manageable again and not a costly non-productive scheduled event.

We create accessible, multi device, bitesize learning so people can learn anywhere, any time and on any device. By utilising strong user interfaces mixed with small bite sized “Pixar-quality” animations we make learning that is easy to access, navigate and retain knowledge. By using the power of storytelling to humanise and contextualise content we also put accessibility at the front of our mind. Everyone has the right to learn and we need to support all learners needs in the work place; such as visual impairments, hearing needs or, most commonly, dyslexia. This means at iAM we always build courses in line with WCAG standards – such as text on screen, closed captions, transcripts and alternative text.

As we layer up our solution, we also create engaging interactions that bring that content to life. Whether that’s putting people into real life situations, multiple learning pathways that adapt to the learners existing knowledge, gamification, or assessments for business reporting and analytics.

Since launching in 2019, we’ve created over 100 courses on our ongoing journey to disrupt the learning sector and see a shift in learning culture in the work place. Our recent £1m funding from NPIF Maven Equity Finance has inspired ambitious momentum; a roadmap of 300-350 courses by the end of 2021, with an ongoing focus on quality over quantity. Our core values include creating content we would enjoy if we were the learner, creating content that enables people to apply their skills, not just fact recall, treating customers how we would like to be treated – that includes removing obstacles to doing business (our pricing is simple) and crucially, we see ourselves as an extension of the L&D teams of our customers.

We work with subject matter experts to ensure the material is current and considered, which is then brought to life by a team of scriptwriters, instructional designers, graphic designers, and animators. The design of learning is a beautiful melting pot of UX, learning principles and outcomes, tech and creativity. We map out the pathway of our learning content, so it’s not just pretty pictures, but well thought out learning pathways that deliver skill and behavioural change. Each course starts life being hand drawn, featuring little to no stock imagery, with an average development time of 13-16 weeks. These drawings are then turned into vector storyboards and animated using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. At every step of the way, from initial ideas to the functional learning solution, the content is signed off by key stakeholders.

In this digital-age of hybrid-working, businesses are realising they need a digital people-first solution that supports a multitude of learning needs. We enable businesses to adapt and thrive not just for the short term, but as a long-term learning solution. With such variety of skills to learn in the workplace, iAM Learning enables a business to empower their workforce to upskill on much needed topics such as mental health, compliance, cyber security and soft skills – through an every growing library. As mentioned earlier, we believe everyone has the right to learn; that’s why, if our customers don’t have a Learning Management System, we also provide one free of charge. This also gives customers access to data and reporting to track their workforce’s compliance, engagement and help map workers competencies.

iAM Learning is a content provider that will change the shape of workplace learning to empower and enable people to take back control of their development, whilst also being a cost-effective solution to any business.

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