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Online Music Exams

Online Music ExamsOnline Music Exams

UK & EU government accredited music exams are taken by students around the world each year all with the hope of advancing their education and improving job opportunities. The problem is, there is not enough access to these qualifications as the systems cannot handle the demand & exams can be too costly. We have created a solution where there is no need for an examiner to be present during a students exam, meaning, a student can take their exam anytime and from anywhere with the full exam experience. In place of the live examiner is SARA, our automated examiner, soon to be, Machine learning AI examiner. SARA can ask all questions picked from a course that is necessary to mark from and can choose them randomly. She then sends the completed exam off to a real human examiner to mark the exam. Once the exam is marked, it is automatically sent to the Government Awarding body TLM (The Learning Machine) who moderate the exam for quality and then issue the government credits, all in as quickly as 24 hours. The student can take their exam, go to sleep and by the time they wake up, can have their results and certificate already in their account complete with government credits. This is opposed to the current system where students have 3 windows of opportunity to take an exam and then have to wait up to 3 weeks, sometimes more, to get their results. We are currently developing SARA so that she can interact with each student in the language they speak in opening up the opportunity for a much larger audience not currently reached by examination boards in the UK. She will even be able to detect a student’s position in the recording screen and ask them to move closer or further away so that she can see them better. SARA will also be able to write ‘throw away’ music notation for specific exams and make up melodies to sing to the student who will then have to echo these melodies back. These elements of an exam are also currently not available anywhere online. To ensure a good connection, we have built in parameters that SARA checks before the exam commences, namely: FPS (frames per second/light level) - this is important for accurate audio visual syncing, Audio volume, download speed & upload speed. Any of these parameters that are not upto standard and SARA will recommend changes to the students settings to ensure a better experience. SARA has shown that the examination experience can be a fun one for students and students have commented on the reduced anxiety they have felt while in the online examination room with her. As our model is digital and online, we are able to reduce the costs of the exams so that they are more affordable than current face to face offerings. We also have in place charitable qualifications where we are able to offer exams and accreditations for free to selected students around the world. To date we have provided over 500 students with free exams. It enables learners around the world to have access to new opportunities by easily and instantly taking exams online, for UK government accredited and EU recognised qualifications, anytime and anywhere. As an add on to this platform we also offer inspiring course providers (smaller schools, online youtube teachers, charities etc) around the world, the chance to get their courses government accredited so that they can provide these accreditations to their students, courses that may be more aligned with their cultural heritage and musical tastes. We are creating job opportunities around the world for musicians to become paid examiners from their homes without the need to travel. We are reducing the carbon footprint created by the current examinations system by reducing travel. We are reducing paper wastage by producing the marking sheets, sheet music, guidance notes, marking criteria and administration paperwork all online. Our AI developments are being spearheaded by Tanmay Bakshi, a 17-year-old Canadian author, media personality, AI & ML Systems Architect, TED & Keynote speaker. His interest in Music and how AI can help in the field of music means he was the perfect addition to our team to develop the platform. Our small team all have a passion for improving access to education around the world as well as reducing our negative impact on the planet. We are currently on course, inline with our business objective, to deliver over 400,000 qualifications globally per year by 2026.

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