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Ones To Watch 2021

Dragonfly AI

Dragonfly AIDragonfly AI

DragonflyAI was founded in 2018 with a mission to bring artificial intelligence to brands, retailers and their marketing service agencies. A spin-out from Queen Mary University of London and Black Swan Data Ltd, Dragonfly AI has developed a suite of tools that enable brands, retailers and marketing agencies to predict, analyse and influence consumer behaviour.
Our unique artificial intelligence technology shows instantly what the human brain sees first and is typically applied to visual, online and instore creative where it improves attention and conversion using AI modelled on human biological brain function.  Improving content performance by factors of 10-60%.
The cutting-edge AI software simulates how attention works in the brain, displaying results on an easy to interpret visual heat map that shows where attention is drawn to in the first few seconds of engagement. The data can then be analysed using the integrated metrics suite, to help marketers optimise their website, content, or retail space by making data lead decisions on how best to display information to attract consumers’ attention.
The simple to use AI is trained into our client partners and is designed to optimise any visual asset from promos, marketing assets, UX, CX and even video (TVCs, rich media and social feeds). Our clients from retailers, brands and agencies, including GSK, McDonalds/TMSW, L’Oreal, Zeiss, Vodafone and Mars, all use Dragonfly AI to provide unbiased, objective analysis to optimise content for maximum impact and get brands assets working harder in a world saturated with content.
Dragonfly seems to align well to the CreatTech criteria and the DIT have recommended our application.  Much of our client work (we have around 50 clients at present) is pre-market and therefore confidential, but hopefully some of the imagery we have included helps our bring visual analytics to life.
In terms of surprise, the instant and hyper precision helps to augment and validate creative concepts from packaging to ATL executions; and from the aggregated digital aisle to in store bricks and mortar,  we have a desktop studio, a chrome extension and an iOS app so you can even take Dragonfly AI in store in real time.  We also have a video motion suite which is used by clients for testing rich media, TVCs and have an API/SDK which is allowing us to plug into huge production and ad serving environments such as Mediacom.
But it’s not just about content performance, Dragonfly AI is provided on an unlimited licence basis and brings new velocity to insight and in particular CRO – our product suite accelerates research, often reducing the time and cost reliance on consumer panels.  One of our clients wiped £80,000 off their annual research budget at a fraction of this cost to onboard and train Dragonfly AI into their team capabilities.
Dragonfly AI takes the guesswork and subjectivity out of creative decision making and our agency partners enjoy the validation of pitch concepts.  Helping to forecast and predict consumer attention is a phenomenal currency in our current era of content super saturation. Amongst some of our longer standing founding clients it is becoming part of the language of creativity and taking GSK as an example we now partner with over 100 users in 31 countries around the world.  We also find that when a brand or agency starts using the visual analysis that there is an inevitable discussion with either the brand or service partner who doesn’t have access and it starts to bridge the gap between as both parties use it as an unbiased common denominator.
In terms of commercial impacts since 2018 we have raised £1.8m from corporate, VC and private investors and fingers crossed we are on track for £1m in ARR in 2021; whilst our research shows that around 60% of marketing leaders plan to increase their use of marketing technology, highlighting a clear demand for more innovative tools to give them the edge and stand out from competitors. Dragonfly has gained considerable traction with FMCG brands where a $1.5 trillion global market provides the business with significant opportunities for growth.  

Working with CreaTech we believe will be an excellent profiling and networking opportunity for us and we are hopeful you might agree.

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