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Ones To Watch 2021

InFashion Tecnologies Ltd.

InFashion Tecnologies Ltd.InFashion Tecnologies Ltd.

InFashion Technologies Ltd. is a London based fashion tech startup breaking through traditional shopping experiences. Using machine learning and colour quantification technologies, we aim to deliver pioneering solutions that change the face of personalised fashion and shift the focus from quantity to quality consumption.

With our first consumer product, taking fashion personalisation to a whole other level, we prioritise the customer's individual colours to create a unique shop to each of them. These shops are colour-matched, custom collections of independent, ethical fashion pieces. Making fashion a truly personal experience, which we named, Yours.Truly.

The Yours.Truly. hyper-personalised fashion curation platform integrates a garment match technology (developed in-house) with an image consultancy knowledge framework (also innovated in-house).

The history of the product goes back to 2019, when we started to research a possible digital solution on how to put the human component (us) in the centre of creating a visual composition, eg. an attire. With the aspiration of making humans (us) a composition forming force, building the attire around our natural attributes. Instead of the traditional method of putting the outfit together separately, and then trying the human (wearer) into it. The research was driven by the observation that most composition is formed in isolation, detached from its final environment or its usage, sabotaging their commercial success.

That observation and the realisation of this phenomenon have come from our co-founder’s experiences as an image consultant. There is no other industry where this is as prevalent as in fashion. When ignoring the human (the wearer) while putting together the visual composition (the outfit) the result will be dissonant, decreased in value or rejected by the customer. Considering only the garments as the components of the final look, and ignoring the natural palette, the wearer brings into the picture, will create an undesirable outcome, and eventually won’t attract as many purchase, as expected.

The research, that let to the development of our human centred colour system, was based on earlier observations, art delivered (1961) and scientific formulas, architecture delivered (1990). With this interdisciplinary approach, we were able to find the rules and practices of creating harmonious visual schemes from natural human tones.

We are lucky enough to be supported by the Innovate UK Edge Innovate2Growth program, as well as receiving tailored business coaching from the Enterprise Steps European Regional Development Fund. As a result, we’ve reached product launch in Q2 2021, currently building our first traction.

The timing couldn’t be better, the market is specifically receptive for personalisation solutions in the digital realm. As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, the key motivators of consumer behaviour became transparency/trust, convenience and personal values (Productschön Business Advisory, 2021). Our platform, Yours.Truly. is aligned to respond to the changes in consumer behaviour, by developing an innovative personalisation technology, that provides our company with a strong IP, suitable to exploit when established on the market.

We're expected to scale, after the brand establishment, with an estimated rate of 15% per month. We're targeting 400 paying customers in the first 6-9 months, 1500 in the following year, launch on the global market in the 4th year, and reaching £10M turnover in the 5th year. With that, we'll be able to promote the innovation internationally, bringing global exposure to the UK's creative industry, contributing to the leading position of the UK in the fashion revolution and the disruptive technologies.

This highlight in CIC CreaTech One to Watch 2021 and the involvement of a prestigious institute, like Creative Industries Council, would attract partners to support our mission and also de-risk the project to pursue private investors for larger scale marketing activities.

Parallel with the product growth, we’re developing ways to utilise our human centred colour system in reforming the traditional colour education. The current state of colour education is very fractured, lack of standards, and still builds on isolated colour studies, instead of supporting colour observation within the living environment. Leaving the young professionals without the skills to recognise and deal with real life colour dynamics cases, resulting in a lot of client dispute during their carrier. We’re currently building connections with Politecnico Milano to formalise a new, immersive colour experience, planned to be embedded into their shaping, new colour education framework.

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