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Ones To Watch 2021

For many, virtual reality was a solution in search of a problem, but that is no longer the case. COVID-19 has created the ultimate storm of demand for both the commercial and entertainment sectors by reducing distance and bringing to life what people can no longer experience in person. Bringing them together around ideas, skills, and opportunities while keeping a safe gap between them.

ATMOS VR is the result: a lean, smart, technology-independent company managed by Kevin Blair, founder, event technology strategist, and long-time military and commercial VR proponent, that serves public and private sector post-COVID demands while also promoting its own distinct vision for Location Based Entertainment (LBE).

The company secured the financing needed to fund its LBE project during the first lockdown, driven by the twin opportunities to create unique post-COVID public entertainment and support the recovery and future growth needs of smart businesses.

The £1million deal, negotiated by Samahoma Media Advisors, was a landmark investment for the Fund as their first investment in the fast-growing LBE, and it enabled ATMOS VR to accelerate its plans to open a LBE in the West Midlands, at the heart of Birmingham’s Creative Quarter.

‘In A Box, In A Box, In A Box’ is the UK’s first truly immersive, 4D virtual reality experience. It’s where gaming, VR, theatre and film collide. It is a world where the very latest technology plays with your senses and captures your mind. We want everyone to forget what they think they know about VR – we will provide the best virtual reality experience in the UK. There is nothing like what we are offering on the market. We are unique. We are innovators. We are taking Virtual Reality to the next level.

We love technology - and we love entertaining. We have mastered the art of Virtual Reality and now we are taking it to the next level. We are giving the world (starting in Birmingham) a brand new, multi-sensory experience that combines mind blowing technology with a physical sensation overload.

We use the word ‘experience’ purposefully. As you navigate your way through the story, immersed in a 4D world, you will also feel the story, touch it, smell it and, hopefully, be moved by it. Through the use of special scent technology, which stimulates emotional and behavioural responses, you’ll experience the 4D environment in a completely new way.

Within the business we have sourced some of the greatest talent in the UK – from leading operational consultants to those with backgrounds in customer service and experience in large scale events. We are incredibly passionate about what we do, and we provide on the job training for team members so they can pro-actively demonstrate industry knowledge and feel confident in their job roles.

Over the next 3 years ATMOS VR plan to open a further 7 venues throughout the UK and have plans to create over 200 jobs across all sites. This growth and investment will help to boost the UK’s economy and will put the UK on the map when it comes to LBE using VR as it has never been used before.

We want ‘In A Box, In A Box, In A Box’ to be a destination venue – everyone will be aware of the experience where there are no boundaries. We will unleash imagination and make the impossible, possible.

With so many USPs we believe that the business will grow and thrive, especially at a time when we can provide public confidence by operating at full capacity in a COVID-secure way.

It would be a great honour to be considered a CIC CreaTech ‘One to Watch’. We believe the award would benefit us enormously by elevating our current platform further, increasing our public exposure, and establishing the ATMOS VR brand as a leader in enterprise, creativity, and innovation.

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