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Ones To Watch 2021

Virtual Visitor

Virtual VisitorVirtual Visitor

Virtual Visitor, the perpetual brand engagement portal. Established to create safe, sustainable, and successful brand experiences.

An always on, integrated brand platform, scalable, flexible and versatile to your specific needs. Offering a unique opportunity to create stakeholder experiences beyond the physical limitations of the real world. With the complete suite of marketing and communications objectives rooted at the core of the design,

Virtual Visitor provides the opportunity international businesses and brands have been looking for, to without compromise take back control of their stakeholder event calendar. Move from episodic time, environmental and budget burning events of the past. embracing the future, offering a personalised, customer centric, perpetual presence and platform from which to educate, inform, inspire, share knowledge and showcase your people, products and services.

With a live data and analytics dashboard, content performance insights, personalised visitor tracking and limitless integration capabilities, Virtual Visitor is the platform of choice, where quantifiable ROI and a tangible business impact are guaranteed.

1) Surprise factor & Purpose factor:
Virtual Visitor is 100% original creation, from coffee shop napkin to global launch in under 6 months.  Virtual Visitor not only solved the immediate problem of filling the void left by the complete decimation of physical events and exhibitions, but is very much seen as the future of websites and web evolution.  As well as solving problems we are proud to have created opportunity for our team, our clients and our global visitors.

3) Disruptive factor (originality + ambition): Everything about the Virtual Visitor platform is about being disruptive and doing things differently. Our messaging to prospects focusses on brand engagement and taking back control of how and when stakeholders engage with your brand, products, services and people. Virtual events, webinars and now even hybrid events are an interesting , evolving market, but combining everything on offer in one complete package and uplifting the visitor experience is where we really stand out.

4) Cross-sectoral impact and/or opportunity for global collaboration: Virtual Visitor is 100% owned and led from the UK but we continue to collaborate on the international stage. Through the clients we serve (truly global players), our development team (some based in Sweden and Ukraine) and our international agency network B2B IMG we have partners now promoting the platform across the world - from West Coast US to China. From a sector perspective the possibilities are endless and further cross sector collaborations are in the pipeline to ensure we can continue to scale at our desired pace.

5) Commercial impact: Virtual Visitor has already proved its commercial viability. As a business we have generated £750k of revenue from a standing start and gross margins of +60%. For our clients who have facilitated events and engagement through their respective portals, the results keep coming with evidenced organic growth to existing customers and new business wins being reported after each event. To scale the Virtual Visitor business further we are now working on our SaaS partnership program. We need both solution and technical partners to in effect act as resellers into their own client base.

Our financial plans for the year ahead are ambitious in that we hope to generate a minimum revenue of £1m with associated retained profit to reinvest of at least 20%.

The idea to accelerate the development of Virtual Visitor commenced just before the pandemic took hold in February 2020. Since that date there have been many long weeks dedicated to bringing our vision to life. Even during early development the platform had incredible traction and to date we have hosted >20 global events (across North America, LATAM, EMEA, APAC and China), welcoming over 10,000 virtual visitors, >250,000 brand engagements for the businesses and brands we serve.

The future potential of Virtual Visitor as a SaaS platform is so exciting. Shaping the future of websites and stakeholder engagement. Offering a non-linear, immersive brand experience like never before. Truly embracing customer centricity, meeting the needs of the modern buying journey of self education. We are creating a new class of marketing through brand engagement this space as we're only just getting started.

Being recognised as a CIC CreaTech One to Watch would be a fantastic accolade early on in our journey. We have bounds of potential and raising brand awareness of who we are and our service offering will be critical in continuing to evolve and thrive. Being picked out as One to Watch by such a credible team as CIC will be another boost to our growing reputation.

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