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Ones To Watch 2021

Delic/Superrational Limited

Delic/Superrational LimitedDelic/Superrational Limited

Creators need a single platform that offers a real-time, collaborative workspace with task and file management. Keeping minds free for creativity.

The product is split into three parts - a rights management system, a music creation workflow streamlining tool, and a novel community-based search function. Music community empowerment is baked-in, both functionally and philosophically, and we have a team that have already successfully built real world communities and digital systems.

Surprise factor (creativity + originality):

In a single digital platform, Delic will provide collaboration, asset and rights management tools, from bulk uploads to sales, sync licensing, contracts and payments, giving creators total control
over their music.

Purpose factor (effectiveness + problem-solving):

Delic’s vision is to empower all creators to make the most of their time, creativity, and work in the new music economy.

Disruptive factor (originality + ambition):

Collaboration and sampling of tracks stored on the platform is fully traceable, facilitating recurring income streams for artists and other rights holders without the complex admin currently required to secure it. Delic’s simple, integrated toolset and expanding feature set will increasingly empower users to source new content, collaborate and make passive income.

Cross-sectoral impact and/or opportunity for global collaboration:

• Our initial addressable market is professional audio content creators, managers, supervisors and administrators for whom specialist asset management is an under-served area.
• Relevant supporting stakeholders are Rights Organisations, Publishers and Distributors.
• As a source of high-quality original music, Delic’s market extends to other creative producers, including film, television, advertising, and gaming.
• Viewed as a cross-sector Creative Industries tool integrating attribution and remuneration at a granular level, Delic addresses a gap in a £50 Billion market.

Commercial impact:

Delic has:
• Built a highly qualified team
• Launched version 2.0 of the Delic platform
• Raised £581K of equity and secured £22K in grant funding.
• £200,000 of in-kind (sweat) business development, technical work and R&D since 2016
• Become a member of the DDEX consortium, an industry body focused on the creation of digital music value chain standards.
• Begun work with a number of music collection societies in the area of data exchange and cross-promotion of services.
• Started integration discussion with distribution and publishing partners.
• Built a growth share programme with for the first 1000 founder members, providing equity in exchange for product feedback and user referrals.

Monopoly is the death of creativity. In order to succeed in the creative sphere, companies need to be integrated into a large value constellation.  Being a CIC CreaTech One to Watch would provide an invaluable opportunity for Delic  to connect with other companies and creators and build networks and alliances.

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