UKIe launches manifesto


Ukie, the trade body for games and interactive entertainment in the UK, has published a manifesto for how the future UK government should support Britain's successful games sector.

The document identifies key themes for the UK government to address to maintain growth in the UK games industry whilst navigating the Brexit process. It is being published as the sector has reported record sales of games software, driven by the digital economy, digital sales and new platforms.

Following consultation with its members, the trade body set out 10 priority recommendations. These include:

  • A call on the Government to work with industry and allow flexibility within the levy funds to develop standards that work for the industry.
  • Government should conduct a detailed skills review of the nation’s skills needs at the beginning of each Parliament in order to help educational institutions plan to meet the needs of employers and future proof our economy.
  • Ministers must prioritise working with the strategic sectors identified in the Government's Industrial Strategy to develop processing and eligibility criteria that keeps pace with the rapidly evolving and specific skills needs of the creative and technology industries and ensures short-term skills gaps are plugged.

Read the full document.

Published: May 22, 2017.