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NEWS: UK is top european market for ad exports NEWS: UK is top european market for ad exports

The UK has the highest balance of payments in europe for advertising services, new data shows.

Quarterly Survey Quarterly Survey

Shakespeare's 400th anniversary attracted global interest - latest survey shows.

Obituary: Dame Zaha Hadid Obituary: Dame Zaha Hadid

Dame Zaha Hadid, a pioneering architect whose work and success defied expectations, has died.

TV: Kidscreen showreel TV: Kidscreen showreel

Clips from Kidscreen 2016, the children's media conference in Miami.

A Year of Successes A Year of Successes

Celebrating the creative and commercial highlights of the UK creative industries in every month of 2015.

Music Facts and Figures Music: Facts and Figures

Key statistics about the size, growth and profile of the UK music industry.

Design: Why the UK? Design: Why the UK?

UK design work is known for innovation, scale and professionalism. Discover why overseas organisations choose UK design partners.

Showreel video: Film is GREAT Showreel video: Film is GREAT

Films produced in the UK cover a wide range of genres and styles as this compilation of film images shows.

Showreel Video: Next Generation Academy Showreel Video: Next Generation Academy

Hear about the Next Generation Academy's plan to develop the UK's future games and entertainment creatives.

Publishing Publishing

UK publishing is a world leader encompassing book, online, magazines and news formats. Find out what makes the UK an attractive market for publishing businesses.

Tech: Video Tech: Video

This short video from the Knowledge Transfer Network of the Technology Strategy Board features creative businesses employing technology to innovate.

Games: Facts and Figures Games: Facts and Figures

From the size of the market to the spend per games shopper, the UK's games industry boasts some impressive data.