1. world-leading businesses and talent 


By global measures, the UK is one of the top performing advertising sectors. UK adspend grew by 4.6 per cent to £22.2bn in 2017 (i) and employment in advertising and marketing grew 33 per cent between 2011 and 2016, according to official data (ii) Reflecting the success of advertising agencies such as adam&eveDDB and AMV BBDO, the UK is ranked second only to the US in the Gunn Report, the annual industry survey of creative advertising competitions worldwide (iii).

The UK is also home to media agency networks of global scale and sophistication, such as MediaCom and PHD, and internationally acclaimed production companies such as Rattling Stick. The industry draws from a well-educated and diverse pool of talent. More than 60 per cent of the industry is educated to at least degree level, with a signficant proportion of employees born outside the UK. (iv)


2. Expertise in exports and GLOBAL BRANDING


The UK is a successful exporter of advertising services, generating more than £2.6bn of exports in 2015 (v). UK agencies have helped create effective global branding for the likes of HSBC, Virgin Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Audi, Emirates, AUDI, Huawei, and Pandora.


3. a blend of creativity AND effectiveness


The culture of UK advertising assigns a high value to delivering effectiveness through creativity. The country is home to the advertising world's most rigorous effectiveness competition - the IPA Effectiveness Awards - and has a tradition of developing qualifications and training to encourage knowledge about effectiveness to be shared and put into practice. When the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival introduced an award for creative effectiveness, the UK provided the winner twice in the first three years of the prize.


4.  At the forefront of technology & innovation


Competition between UK agencies to win and retain client business has shaped expectations that they must innovate continually to ensure they are offering the right services in an ever-changing market. Worth £8.6bn in 2015, the UK digital advertising market is comfortably the biggest in Europe, and only exceeeded by the US and China.(vi) The UK is the continent's centre of mobile and app development, and a rapidly expanding hub for programmatic media trading and technologies such as virtual reality, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. (vi, vii) The UK Government also has a strategy to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a digital business. (viii)


5. working advantages


The UK timezone - poised between East and West - makes it highly convenient for global organizations looking to co-ordinate efforts across teams. The UK's regulatory and business environment supports good business practices, a flexible labour market and responsible marketing whilst still encouraging creativity, innovation and entrepreneurialism.


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