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Ones To Watch 2021

Totem Learning Ltd

Totem Learning LtdTotem Learning Ltd

Our view is that leaning is broken. It is not fit for purpose. The industry is obsessed with a data dump, sausage machine vision of learning. BUT humans are not robots, we don't just absorb information like in The Matrix. We deserve better.

At Totem we drive higher engagement, create deeper learning and increase retention of information using the power of games!

Why? Because games tap into our psychology and address directly how we as humans want to learn.

The result? Mind blowing ROI - people will want to learn, explore, develop and grow adding value to the bottom line. Our clients are seen at the forefront of employee experience and therefore have more satisfied customers through a more highly trained workforce.

Totem Learning has a long record of achievement in creating engaging training content that has delivered proven and significant ROI, attitude change, and cultural shift using games in non entertainment situations for companies such as PwC, KPMG, Beko, Shell, Mars, Deloitte and the NHS.

We are an award winning specialist in Serious Games, Simulations, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Our graphical and design team delivers the benefit of highly polished, graphically rich realistic environments that are easy to pick up and play, are engaging, and go far beyond ‘click next’ elearning.

Team Totem are dedicated problem solvers who relish a challenge and want to elevate the serious games sector and show the world what games are capable of.

Launched in 2012, Totem Learning has a long record of achievement in creating engaging content that has delivered proven and significant ROI, attitude change, and cultural shift.
- 25% increased productivity for KPMG ($12million saved year on year)
- ROI in 9 weeks on GuideweldVR - 85% of welding skills learnt in the simulation
- 100% pass rate (when the game was introduced) for University Masters using Unlock Project Management with increased mean scores

How are we able to do this? Our team is one of the most experienced in the business coming from the entertainment games industry as well as traditional learning and development. Each solution we create has creativity at it's heart and our understanding of behavioural psychology allows us to use effective and unique mechanics to address any challenge. Our belief that learning should be engaging inspires our artists to create exciting, engaging user experiences that are a feast for the eyes as well as the brain.  Our view of technology as a tool means we can embrace new advancements to serve our clients no matter what their need.

Our growth plans are ambitious. Within 5 years Totem will be worth £10 million and be attracting potential buyers. Our strategy is to build libraries of assets across our 3 core industry sectors (Engineering, Health and Professional Services) to further drive down the cost of development and speed up production. We will create national/globally applicable product lines with key industry partners who bring credibility and routes to market using the following mechanisms:
1) Build new (bespoke) content commissioned by new and existing clients with circa 20% Net Margins
2) Tailor these bespoke products for other clients and make c.40% Net margins
3) Create off the shelf products in areas of mass interest (e.g. compliance and regulatory) and make c. 80% Net margins

Apart from the recognition of being a CIC CreaTech One to Watch 2021 (which in and of itself would be absolutely amazing!), being included on the list will. help grow our visibility and widen our market share and act as a key differentiator. It would showcase the phenomenal talent to be found in the West Midlands, home of the games industry as well as the serious games industry! But what is probably most exciting is the ability it will have for us to attract talent! The games industry attracts some of the most talented people globally and it can be challenging for a smaller business to compete. Totem can offer amazing opportunities, wonderful work life balance and a supportive culture and being included on the watchlist will help us get that message out there and inspire people about the power of games.

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