Craft makers contribute to economic growth in sectors such as manufacturing, retail and hospitality, driving innovation in products and processes through their materials knowledge. 

NEWS: London Crafts Week 2019 NEWS: London Crafts Week 2019

London Crafts Week 2019 has more than 240 events covering artisanal workmanship and making.

Craft: Why the UK? Craft: Why the UK?

UK craft makers are renowned for their innovation.

Facts & Figures

Some key data and characteristics of the UK craft sector.

Craft: Contacts Craft: Contacts

Need to know more about the UK crafts scene? Try these contacts as your first port of call.

Craft: Case Studies Craft: Case Studies

Examples that illustrate the diversity and vitality of contemporary craft in the UK. (Image: Free Spirit, Yulia Brodskaya. Artist's own.)

Media Media

Video clips from the crafts sector