Visualise offers tourists
virtual City experiences

Visualise 650px

(Above: Virtual tourists enjoy Belfast using Visualise's tech implementation: Source: Inkle)

Having produced more than 100 experiences, Visualise is a seasoned studio in production and post-production of mixed reality.

A project for Visit Belfast allowed people around the world to immerse themselves in the city, and even take photographs of themselves in front of well-known Belfast locations. It is also one of the Ones to Watch companies being celebrated at Createch on June 11th (book here)

A mixture of 360-degree, virtual and augmented reality were used to provide people with the sensation of travelling through the city. Users wore headphones and carried iPad Pros to view the city. Visualise mapped virtual doors to actual doors, enabling people to feel they were entering the city as soon as they walked in.

Experts belived the technology could allow visitors to fragile or inaccessible destinations, with other potential uses in architecture, sport and construction.

Visualise is part of the Mayor's International Business Programme at London & Partners. For its work, the company was named in the 'Ones to Watch' report, produced by Springwise, with support from London & Partners, Digital Catapult and the GREAT campaign.

The report is being published as part of Createch 2019 on June 11. To find out more about and network with the companies featured in the One to Watch list, book now.


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