UK-made films take $9.4bn at global box office

Paddington and Hugh Bonneville

'Paddington' was the most successful UK independent movie of 2015. Image credit: 'Paddington'© Studio Canal S.A. 2014.

The success of 'Star Wars:The Force Awakens' and independent UK films such as 'Paddington', 'Shaun the Sheep' and 'The Imitation Game'  helped worldwide box office takings from UK-made films reach a record-breaking $9.4bn in 2015.

The figures, released by the BFI, amounted to 26 per cent of the global box office and represent a 13 per cent rise over the UK's performance in 2014.

The UK-made reboot of the Star Wars franchise led the way, taking $1.95bn at the global box office.

Star Wars Falcon (600px) 

Image credit: GREAT campaign.

For the second consecutive year, total takings from UK independent movies broke through the £1bn barrier, with 'Paddington'  recording the highest figure ($112m) in 2015, which means the film earned a total of $249m in 2014 and 2015.

Other independent releases that took more than $100m included 'Shaun the Sheep' ($103m) and 'The Imitation Game' ($102m).

Other hits included 'Brooklyn' ($45m) and 'Legend' ($39m). 

The UK's share of the box office varied from 39 per cent in New Zealand and 32 per cent from Russia to 18 per cent across six Asian territories.