Co-productions and Chinese sales boost UK TV exports

International sales of UK TV programmes grew 4% from £1,178m to £1,224m during 2012, according to the UK Television Exports Survey commissioned by Pact, the independent TV makers body, and UK Trade & Investment.

The data collated by Television Research Partnership identifies China as the fastest-growing market for the sector, rising by 90% - albeit to a relatively modest value of £12m.

The USA is by far the largest export market for UK television producers, generating £475m of sales (+ 11%).

During the period, co-production revenues rose by 60%, compared to an increase of 51% in digital rights sales and a 20% increase in commissions. However, sales of finished television programmes remained the largest source of TV revenue (£612m).

Unlike in previous years, respondents said that owning intellectual property that could be exploited globally was as important to UK export success as British creativity.

Source: Pact