Industry calls for UK Games growth support


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Ukie, the trade body for the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry, has called on the government to support proposals for developing the games sector.

The body calls for measures to encourage innovation by small games companies, to increase help for small and medium-sized games companies and backing for a wider plan for trade and investment in the games industry. The call follows the publication by Ukie in September of a manifesto, setting out a long-term, overarching growth plan for the games industry. 

In the latest announcement, Ukie calls for specific measures including:

  • A reinvigorated version of the Prototype Fund to support innovation by small games companies, with £6 million funding;
  • A move to make the crucial Skills Investment Fund permanent to support the up-skilling of the games workforce;
  • Expansion of the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme to give more help to small and medium-sized games companies securing investment;
  • Support for a worldwide plan of trade and investment activity for the games industry.

Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist said: “This government made a greatly needed and appreciated statement of intent when it put Video Games Tax Relief in place: that the UK should be the best place in the world to make and sell games. Now we need to follow that vision through to further accelerate the growth of the games sector and capitalise on the opportunity created by the tax relief.”

See more on the announcement here and download a copy of the Ukie games manifesto here.


Published: 17 November, 2014.