creative industry leaders back a transformational strategy

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Creative industry leaders have provided Ministers with an agenda for growth designed to unlock the full potential of creative sectors to increase career opportunities, productivity and add economic value across the UK.

The submission to the Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper consultation identifies huge opportunities to stimulate growth, jobs, innovation and new businesses in all parts of the UK by transforming the creative industries.

The paper was submitted by the non-Government members of the Creative Industries Council (CIC), the joint forum of the creative industries and Government. It will be followed in the summer by detailed proposals to Government for a specific ‘sector deal’ for the creative industries.

The submission outlines priorities such as:

  • Development of new high-growth creative clusters, including the potential for a centre specialising in virtual and augmented reality
  • A new industry-driven, export strategy to maximise the international growth and reach of creative businesses
  • Measures to catalyse investment in creative organisations, at key stages in their development, particularly outside London

A separate submission by the Advertising Association argues that advertising should be thought of as "economic infrastructure" and a valuable UK asset which supports £120bn of economic activity.

The submission highlights future potential to:

  • Use advertising as a lever for regional growth and further promote the UK as a global centre for advertising
  • Bring benefits such as increased growth, productivity and exports to the UK

In particular, the document identifies the opportunities to increase the numbers of small and medium-sized enterprises using advertising.

Read the full CIC submission.

Read the full AA submission.

You can also read a submission from Ukie, the interactive entertainment association, here.

Published: May 2, 2017.