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Ones To Watch 2021
Simworx LtdSimworx Ltd

Designers, Manufacturers and Blue-sky thinkers – Simworx, are leaders in the supply of Media-Based Attractions for Theme Parks and Visitor Attractions all across the world. Media Based Attractions involve the integration of digital media, eg. 3D films, into an immersive ride experience. Becoming the company that they are today through the development of 4D cinemas, Simworx have scaled to a portfolio of diverse products. Mastering the art of creating engaging and captivating experiences, the company continues to push the boundaries on what they can achieve.

Simworx’s history stems from Motion System Technology that was developed originally for the mainstream flight simulation industry back in the 1980s, this similar simulation technology still evident in their current product portfolio. The Simworx that it is today began in 2005 founded by their CEO and COO Terry Monkton and Andrew Roberts when the pair initiated a management buyout of the entertainment division of original firm ‘AI Group’. The consolidation of this division resulted in the creation a new Limited Company, and hence Simworx was born.

At the time, the company’s main product focus was on Capsule Simulators, which had been very popular since the late ’80s. However, one of The AI Group’s last projects had been a one-off custom 60 seat 3D Special Effects Theatre for a large Museum in the USA. Given critical acclaim, the project was so successful they decided to productise it, and hence the “Simworx 4D Cinema” was born. The 4D Cinema offered significant advancements in audio visual technology versus the relatively small-sized screen that were restricted in the capsule simulation market, and most importantly – the ability to scale the product to suit different sized operators was a key factor in unlocking the wider theme park market that The AI Group had not been prevalent to, due to the limitation of its product range.

Over 15 years later, Simworx’s product range now boasts a fantastic offering that includes, but is not limited to, Immersive Tunnels, VR 4D Rides, Flying Theatres and AGV (Advanced Guidance Vehicles) Dark Rides, with the perfect solution for any attraction.
With it’s vast experience, the company prides itself in its ability to innovate and provide high quality products to their clients. Their team’s diverse skillsets range from programmers to robotics specialists, engineers to concept designers. They put a lot of focus on being at the forefront of new technologies to ensure their product selection evolves with latest advancements and they stay ahead of the game with it.

Working in a variety of sectors, Simworx has an expansive project portfolio. From theme parks to family entertainment centres, museums, aquariums, zoos and retail malls, they can do it all. Some of their impressive clients include Dubai Parks and Resorts; Ferrari Land, Port Aventura and Thorpe Park, to name a few. They work with a variety of other companies across the globe from AV Tech to Architectural Master Planners, Animation to Theming companies, to pull off some of their large scale installations.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Simworx is bouncing back busier than ever. They continue to push their team to innovate and are already developing new products again to allow them to expand into other markets – to ensure a diverse product range. With their growth expected to continue they aspire to better compete with some of the biggest names in the theme park industry for tenders. Simworx is an Export Champion for Britain with much of it’s business overseas, especially in China and the Far East. They hope to expand into other big territories like the USA and consolidate their position in the Middle East. As well they are beginning to invest in green initiatives to reduce the environmental impact that their business has, moving specifically from hydraulics to electrics and using recycled materials in their products, a move that is a new expectation from theme parks around the globe.

We are always looking at how we can stand out from others in our Industry and being a part of the ‘Ones to Watch’ is definitely a way for us to do so. As well as enhancing our credibility as a company, having our name involved and on the radar of your wide audience may also help us to open new doors in adjacent industries, helping us to expand into other types of projects and make meaningful connections leading to a whole host of opportunities for the future.

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