Publishing Case Studies

Publishing Case Studies

Celebrating successes and innovators in UK publishing, such as Hay Festival Director Peter Florence.

Publishing Case: The Guardian Publishing Case: The Guardian

Why is The Guardian working on mobile initiatives in the US?

2015 h.Club 100 Award Winner: Peter Florence 2015 h.Club 100 Award Winner: Peter Florence

A short case study on Peter Florence, Director of the Hay Festival.

Publishing Case: News UK Publishing Case: News UK

The Sunday Times waged a campaign to call for changes at FIFA, the soccer world's governing body, which won international praise.

Publishing Case: Shortlist Media Publishing Case: Shortlist Media

ShortList Media has found a way to combine quality editorial with free distribution - for both male and female audiences.

Publishing Case: Tech Radar Publishing Case: Tech Radar

TechRadar, the UK's leading technology news and reviews website, has shown how its owner, Future Publishing, can grow from a magazine company to a digitally-driven business.

Publishing Case: War Horse Publishing Case: War Horse

Michael Morpurgo's War Horse, is an international success and an example of how book publishing feeds sectors such as theatre and film. (Pre-rollover image credit: Rae Smith, War Horse 2014)

Publishing Case: Alma Books Publishing Case: Alma Books

Alma Books, the acclaimed independent publisher, has found success by publishing high brow titles and bringing a whole series of largely unknown foreign language books to UK readers.

Publishing Case: Johnston Publishing Case: Johnston

Find out how a local news publisher can help small firms go digital.

Publishing Case: UsVsTh3m Publishing Case: UsVsTh3m

UsVsTh3m, a humorous website and email, is proof of how big UK publishing groups are innovating.