Design Case Studies

Design Case Studies

Featuring UK designers with a record of creative achievement and innovation. Shown here: the Twin Sails Bridge in Dorset, lit by designers Speirs+Major. (Image © Dave Morris).

Design Case: Raspberry Pi Design Case: Raspberry Pi

A low cost case design for the Raspberry Pi was a hit for the low-cost computer brand.

Design Case: GREAT campaign Design Case: GREAT campaign

A design philosophy built on consistent branding and high-quality creative imagery has helped the GREAT Campaign promote international interest in the UK.

Design Case: Vantage XL Design Case: Vantage XL

Design has given Northern Ireland's Thompson Aero Seating an international andvantage.

Design Case: Tanqueray No.Ten Design Case: Tanqueray No.Ten

Great design revived the Tanqueray No. TEN gin brand.

Design Case: Jaguar Land Rover Design Case: Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover views design as a differentiator and an integral part of its brand.

Design Case: Barclays Design Case: Barclays

Read how Barclays, the financial services group, changed the profile and role of design in its organisation.

Design Case: Mike Dempsey Design Case: Mike Dempsey

Designer of eye-catching stamps and much more, Mike Dempsey RDI has an international reputation. Find out more. Pre-rollover image: © Studio Dempsey.

Design Case: Casson Mann Design Case: Casson Mann

Casson Mann specialise in interior design and number the Benjamin Franklin Museum in Philadelphia among clients. Pre-rollover image: © John Maclean for Casson Mann.

Design Case: Dan Pearson Design Case: Dan Pearson

Landscape designer Dan Pearson is winning an international reputation for his studio's work. Pre-rollover image: © Sir Paul Smith. 

Design Case: Feilden Clegg Bradley Design Case: Feilden Clegg Bradley

Meet Fielden Bradley Clegg Studios, the team behind Broadcasting Place, voted the world's best tall building in 2010. Pre-rollover image: © Will Pryce.

Design Case: Industrial Facility Design Case: Industrial Facility

Notwithstanding its global client base, London design studio Industrial Facility believes there are advantages to being based in the UK. Pre-rollover image © Petr Krejci.

Design Case: Stanton Williams Design Case: Stanton Williams

A design case study on the work of London studio, Stanton Williams. Pre-rollover image: © Hufton & Crow.

Design Case: Barber & Osgerby Design Case: Barber & Osgerby

UK design team Barber & Osgerby have found fame working on Knoll, Vitra and the Olympic Games torch. Pre-rollover image: © Barber & Osgerby.

Design Case: Cullinan Studio Design Case: Cullinan Studio

Cullinan Studio has created striking buildings adapted to their environment. Pre-rollover image: ©Edward Summer, BFI.

Design Case: Geoffrey Harcourt Design Case: Geoffrey Harcourt

Furniture designer Geoffrey Harcourt has built longstanding relationships with european clients. Pre-rollover image: © Emmemobili.

Design Case: Tristram Carfrae Design Case: Tristram Carfrae

Find out more about the work of structural engineer and building designer, Tristram Carfrae, of international building services group, Arup. Pre-rollover image: © John Gollings.

Design Case:  PearsonLloyd Design Case: PearsonLloyd

PearsonLLoyd, the UK design company, has worked on upmarket airline and furniture brands. Find out more. Pre-rollover image: © Mark Cocksedge.

Design Case: Speirs + Major Design Case: Speirs + Major

Lighting designers Speirs + Major have lit buildings round the world including the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Pre-rollover image: ©Allan Toft.

Design Case: Studio Levien Design Case: Studio Levien

Studio Levien is a pioneer in designing products for homeware and tabletop markets. Pre-rollover image credit: Lux Photodigital.

Design Case: Kim Wilkie Design Case: Kim Wilkie

Designer Kim Wilkie believes "landscape design is at the heart of English culture". Pre-rollover image: © Kim Wilkie.

Design Case: OMK/Kinsman Associates Design Case: OMK/Kinsman Associates

OMK Design/Kinsman Associates has been commissioned to design seating for more than 200 transport terminals. Pre-rollover image: ©Kinsman Associates.

Design Case: Stories of the World Design Case: Stories of the World

Graphic design played a key role in the biggest youth participation with museums and galleries as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

Design Case: Gallery of Lost Art Design Case: Gallery of Lost Art

This unique project used design to enable audiences to enjoy lost or destroyed works of art.

Design Case: Olympic Interactivity Design Case: Olympic Interactivity

Could designers help spread the excitement of Olympic events well beyond the Games venues themselves?