createch 2020 100 Ones to watch list unveiled


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One hundred pioneering UK businesses built on the convergence of creativity and technology are named in the Createch 2020 '100 Ones to Watch' list. 

The list, announced by the Creative Industries Council to co-incide with the Createch stage at the Virtual CogX festival from 8-10 June, showcases businesses that are changing the way we connect, create, and consume. 

The businesses bring together creative skills from industries such as fashion, film production, virtual experiences, video gaming, music, design, animation and advertising with innovative uses of data, digital storytelling, 'smart' devices, and visual effects.

The businesses, which come from across the UK, were selected by members of the CIC, Digital Catapult, the Department for International Trade, UKRI/AHRC, Moore Kingston Smith, and Innovate UK.

The businesses are seen as having the potential to build on the UK's international reputation in both the creative and the technological sectors.


Many of the businesses listed in the Createch 2020 '100 Ones to Watch' exhibited at Virtual CogX to an expected audience of more than 30,000 visitors to the digital festival platform.

Janet Hull, CIC Createch Organiser and Marketing Director at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, said: "These inspiring examples of next generation businesses are testament to the ingenuity of so many UK creative entrepreneurs. They are our future leaders. Createch 2020 100 Ones to Watch at CogX is the ideal platform from which to promote their reputation on the global stage."



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