view: Why we need less ego, more collaboration

By Janet Hull, IPA

The 2015 winners of the advertising category of the h.Club 100 Awards demonstrate the breadth and scope of advertising creativity in the convergent digital economy.

This is a world where big TV classics like This Girl Can (see below) rub shoulders with new world video shorts on social media from ad tech businesses like Unruly Media.


The craft skills of an animation pro work hand in hand with state-of-the-art computer generated VFX.

The impact is transformational and the creative possibilities expansive.

What the mix of the top 10 winners shows is that no one individual can go it alone.

From management to creative ideation, distribution, creative execution, the skills need is exponential.

Less ego, more collaboration. Co-creation, not ivory towers. Where technology meets creativity.

But the surprise of originality is alive and kicking. Technology may increase speed to market and niche target, but it can’t yet improve on the human brain’s lateral connectivity, nor deliver the emotional pull of a well-timed, perfectly poised multi-sensory edit.

Let’s hope it never will!

 Janet Hull is director of marketing and reputation management at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. She was a judge for the advertising, marketing and PR category of The Hospital Club's h.Club 100 Awards.