digital is transforming UK media


  • UK ad spend grew 4.6 per cent to total £22.2bn in 2017 with ncreased investment in digital driving much of the growth. Investment in digital sectors increased across the board, with spend on digital radio up 26.3 per cent, national digital newsbrands up by 19.3 per cent and broadcaster video on demand growing by 7.1 per cent.
  • Among UK consumers, 63% use social media; among Millennials, the figure is 86%. (i)
  • On average, UK adults use their phones 264 times a day. for 15-29 year-olds, the figure is 387 times, and for 15 year-olds it is 420. Most mobile use (68%) is at home. (i)
  • 99% of the growth in money spent on UK online advertising during 2016 was due to increased investment in mobile-first formats (such as advertising within apps, on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook mobile ads etc.) (iiI)


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