l'OREAL takes diverse UK approach internationally


In 2015, the UK market for foundation make-up was growing, but the L'Oréal Paris True Match brand had been stuck in fifth place for 3 years. It aimed to attract 165,000 new customers and become market leader within a year.

Conventional wisdom dictates that mass marketing should focus on the majority for the biggest returns. Unfortunately, this leaves minorities feeling ignored, especially in mass cosmetics. True Match saw an opportunity to recruit consumers who felt excluded from the category because of their skin tone, or the industry’s ideas of beauty and functional messaging.

L'Oréal worked with its partner agency, McCann, aimed to attract new users by communicating that it was a brand consumers could feel close to and offered products that met shoppers' needs.

Partnering with 23 diverse influencers – each with a True Match shade and personal story to share – the brand communicated it was suitable for every kind of face, for every shade. Mass media followed - all under a new L’Oréal end line: “Because we’re all worth it”.

The brand’s value share leapt into first place, further increasing its lead in year two. Estimated short-term revenue ROI was £2.90 for every £1 invested, and the strategy was rolled out to 15 countries.

Adrien Koskas, Managing Director - L’Oréal CPD UK, said: "As the biggest beauty brand in the world, it is our responsibility to drive attitude changes in the industry. Through this campaign, we are changing what the beauty industry is about: the inclusivity of beauty, the connection of beauty, as well as the way we portray women – and men."

Watch the short film about the campaign below.

This case won a Gold in the 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards.