MCV, the games industry website, polled over 100 games retailers from across the UK – including both independent shops and chains – in a bid to identify the predominant trends in UK games retailing next year.

The results can be read here but one headline is that the majority are keener on Sony’s PlayStation 4 than Microsoft’s Xbox One in the next console war.

The survey found that 73 per cent of retailers believed the consoles will be the key driver of the 2014 market, with 35 per cent voting for the Sony equipment against just two per cent for Xbox One.

Pricing and availability of hardware are predicted to be two of the biggest themes for the market in 2014.

The Games publisher Rockstar received 19 per cent of votes with Grand Theft Auto V, following the company’s strong record of delivering copies of the smash hit to retailers.

The dawn of a new console generation is synonymous with the rise of fresh new IP and considerably more than three-quarters of retailers chose all-new properties as their most anticipated product of 2014.

Among the most popular are Ubisosoft’s Watch Dog, Titanfall and Destiny. There is also booming demand for headsets and other accessories which will affect the development of future games.

The impact of downloaded and streamed games is also causing concern for some parts of the games retail sector.

However, this year’s survey reveals retailers to be far more confident than last year, which provided a mixed reception as stores recovered from facing a tough market in 2012.



Source: MCV Annual Retail Survey