Chinese internet giant, Tencent, will take centre stage at the Createch 2018 event in London on June 12th. 

Steven Chang, Corporate Vice-President of Tencent, will speak on China’s Createch era. Tencent - the leading provider of Internet value added services in China – is innovating quickly to become one of the biggest global internet technology players. Also representing China is Bessie Lee, Founder and CEO of China-based martech incubator and strategic venture fund Withinlink.

Bessie will join fellow experts to review new creative business opportunities from emerging tech.
腾讯公司副总裁Steven Chang将在中国创意技术环节发表演讲。腾讯是中国互联网增值服务的领先提供商,目前正在迅速创新并成为全球最大的互联网技术创造者之一。Bessie Lee也将代表中国出席,他是martech孵化器和战略风险基金Withinlink的创始人兼首席执行官。Bessie将与其他专家一起评估新兴技术带来的新商机。

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Also exhibiting at Createch will be the organising team from Shanghai International Advertising Festival. The UK were represented at the inaugural event in March by the IPA’s Janet Hull OBE, and the AA’s James Murphy, and have now accepted to become international ambassadors for the programme and sit on the organising committee.

此外,上海国际广告节组委会也将参加创意技术展。IPA协会的Janet Hull OBE代表英国出席了3月的开幕活动,AA公司的James Murphy已同意作为本次活动的国际大使并担任组委会成员。

The Createch 2018 Summit (#createch) in London on June 12th will bring together business leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and technologists to showcase the international growth potential of the burgeoning Createch sector built on the interaction of creativity and technology.


Confirmed speakers include:


Tim Davie, CEO BBC Studios

Tim Davie,BBC工作室CEO

The Rt. Hon. Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

The Rt. Hon. Matt Hancock MP,数字、文化、媒体与体育部长

Nicola Mendelsohn, CBE, Co-Chair Creative Industries Council & VP EMEA Facebook

Nicola Mendelsohn, CBE,创意产业理事会联合主席兼EMEA Facebook副总裁

Stef Calcraft, Executive Chairman, Dentsu Aegis Network UK

Stef Calcraft,英国电通安吉斯集团执行主席

Julian Baker, Global Chief Creative Officer, Imagination 

Julian Baker,Imagination公司,全球首席创意官

Sarah Golding, IPA President and CEO The & Partnership

Sarah Golding,IPA总裁兼The & Partnership首席执行官

Jeremy Silver, CEO Digital Catapult

Jeremy Silver,Digital Catapult公司CEO

Luke Scott, RSA Films

Luke Scott, RSA Films公司

The afternoon will focus on a series of 8 breakout sessions, showcasing Createch innovation. There’ll be sessions on AR and VR, Personalisation and Experiential, AI and the Internet of Things. Lewis Silkin will be taking an in-depth look at Blockchain and IP and Kingston Smith will talk finance and funding.

下午将聚焦于8场展示创意技术的分组会议,内容覆盖AR和VR、个性化和体验性、AI和物联网。Lewis Silkin将深入讨论区块链和IP主题,Kingston Smith将就金融和融资发表演讲。

The focus of the summit, part of London Tech Week, is on the opportunities and challenges of Createch collaborations worldwide.


Analysis has suggested that £36bn of Gross Value Added in the UK creative industries – about 43% of the total – can be attributed to Createch job roles. This figure is expected to increase as Createch is more widely used.


Createch 2018 will seek to:


  • Further define the global proposition for UK Createch enterprises
  • 进一步定义英国创意技术企业的全球主张
  • Accelerate Createch business models in different industries
  • 加快在不同行业创建创意技术业务模式
  • Catalyse international Createch partnerships
  • 推动国际创意技术伙伴关系

Topics covered will include making business sense of disruption, humanising technology, leveraging technology for consumer engagement, and storytelling.  


Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media and Sport, Matt Hancock, said:

数字、文化、媒体与体育部长Matt Hancock表示:

“Our creative industries are an economic and cultural powerhouse and this union with the technology sector will make sure they continue to thrive as we build a Britain fit for the future.

“This event is at the nexus of creative and digital industries and it is in this space where our bread will be buttered in the years to come. We are determined to ensure the UK cements its position as the most creative and innovative place on earth."

Createch 2018 takes place from 09.30 to 18.00 on June 12th at


Code Node

10 South Place



Tickets are priced £150.


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For PR/Journalist enquiries, please contact: antje@createch2018.com / 07803207014
公共关系/记者咨询,请联系:antje@createch2018.com / 07803207014。


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Twitter账号: @CreativeIndsUk

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