2014 highlights - UKTI 


Jim James, International Trade Adviser, UKTI:

"2014 saw new licence deals being signed by British publishers, putting their content into media houses around the world in every language you can think of: the international readership of the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail increased literally every day, Four Four Two produced the biggest international preview to the football World Cup and Time Out launched another great batch of international editions from Central America to SE Asia." 

Deborah Lynch-Doyle, International Trade Adviser, UKTI:

"2014 brought the Garden of Ideas Memorandum of Understanding in China; the launch of Pinewood Studios in Hong Kong; and a visit to Singapore's Garden by the Bay, the brainchild of British company, Grant Associates."

Simone Ricci, UKTI Commercial Officer, Sao Paulo, Brazil:

"In 2014 the (UK creative export) highlights to Brazil were from design, film, TV and games. The last Sao Paulo design weekend was a huge success and the plan for 2015 is to bring the Global Design Forum model to Brazil.  The visit of UK designer Tom Dixon in October also reflected the importance of design."


predictions for 2015 - UKTI 


Jim James, International Trade Adviser, UKTI:

"Small, boutique, independent advertising agencies (brand, design, media, PR etc.) realising the opportunity outside the UK and taking their quality work and expertise to the world.

"British publishers and content creators selling more of their content and brand rights around the world beyond traditional media - there is so much untapped demand for it.

"All the tech/digital start-ups in Shoreditch/Old Street reaching tipping point and launching into the international market."


Deborah Lynch-Doyle, International Trade Adviser, UKTI:

"RSC translation of Shakespeare into Mandarin; UKTI continued support for SMEs going international; CIC strategy to streamline funding sources."


Akiko Yanagisawa, Senior Trade Adviser, UKTI Japan:

"Opportunities for design services (including branding consultancy) may arise towards Tokyo 2020. UK TV content (not only dramas such as 'Sherlock' but cooking programmes etc.) are also becoming popular amongst Japanese audiences. And we've just commenced the focus on animation industry with an investment angle."


 John Marshall, International Trade Adviser, UKTI East of England:

"The key trends for the creative industries in 2015 will be online access to global digital markets and preparation of companies to engage in this way. Combined with assistance in raising investment to fuel rapid development."