2014 highlights - tech


Owen Sagness, General Manager, Advertising & Online, Microsoft Advertising:

"2014 has been a year of consolidation for the digital advertising industry. We have seen changes in how consumers seek smarter ways to reduce information overload. This is reflected in the way brands are approaching consumer engagement – truly understanding behaviour, wants and needs through smarter data insights.

"Programmatic advertising is 2014’s buzz word, despite some industry-wide confusion around the term and what it actually means. Its rapid growth shows its ability to amplify campaigns to broad audiences easily." 


predictions for 2015  - TECH


Owen Sagness, General Manager, Advertising & Online, Microsoft Advertising:

"Consumers are more aware of the value of their data, thus the onus remains on brands to deliver compelling, useful content to create a value exchange with consumers. 2015 will see stronger narratives emerge, driven by approaches like cross-device sequential storytelling and increased user-influenced content.

"Advances in search, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will create new opportunities. We predict there will be a shift in interactions with personal technologies - based on anticipation of our needs through predictions, rather than by consumer-initiated signals. Search will still play a vital part in this process, providing the data needed to generate personalised, contextual results to the user.

"Contextual marketing initiatives become more prevalent in the wake of the Internet of Things. Engagement will increasingly be triggered by situations, such as location, device used, and tasks the user is engaged in."