2014 highlights - games


Andy Payne OBE, Chair Mastertronic & Chair UKIE:

"My key highlight is the simple fact that the Creative Industries is now an industrial sector, recognised by the UK Government and policy makers alike. We are being seen to be growing faster than financial services and delivering high quality jobs and growth.

"Video games stand tall in that sector, especially now that production tax credits are at last in place, giving us parity with film, TV and animation."




Andy Payne OBE, Chair Mastertronic & Chair Ukie:

"The production tax credits for video games will start to have a very positive impact and will help drive jobs, growth and export sales in 2015.

 "The growth of the global content platforms such as Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Playstation Network, Steam, Xbox Live, Netflix and others will impact further on content owners and citizens giving more choice for legitimate content consumption. This means more opportunities to export our culture and content to billions of potential customers."