2014 Highlights - advertising


Tim Lefroy, Chief Executive Officer, Advertising Association:

"With advertising spend in the second quarter growing at its fastest rate since 2010, and growth of 6.4% predicted for the whole of 2014, it’s been a strong year for UK advertising. And, as each pound spent on advertising generates six for the wider economy, that’s great news for Britain’s economy, not to mention the wider creative industries which advertising helps fund.

"To help grow that spend, the Advertising Association kicked off the year with a new report, researched by Deloitte, which highlighted the importance of advertising for all companies – big and small. This showed just how much smaller companies value advertising, with nearly two-thirds of those surveyed saying their advertising has been a success. But the report also showed the opportunity for growth, with SMEs accounting for 40% of UK turnover, but just 18% of ad spend.

"I think a highlight for me is the way we’ve begun to shine a light on our own industries. The Whole Picture initiative challenged our industries to try harder when it comes to the representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people, showing that more thoughtful and informed portrayals will improve representation, and help brands succeed with different audiences."


predictions for 2015 - advertising


Tim Lefroy, Chief Executive Officer, Advertising Association:

"Regulatory certainty is critical for the future of advertising. While we’re predicting 6.5% in 2015, this is based on the assumption that the regulation of UK advertising will be proportionate, consistent and evidence based.

"In addition, a key trend which we must face up to, if we are to grow, is the increasingly complex relationship between brands and consumers, underpinned by advertising. Rapid changes in our use of data, new media and new advertising techniques require businesses to build a new deal with consumers, which responds to the challenges these technologies raise. The AA will be tackling this at the start of the year at our industry summit – LEAD 2015."