A Year of Successes

A Year of Successes

Celebrating the creative and commercial highlights of the UK creative industries in every month of 2015.

January January

Epic TV, awards, best-selling thrillers and new industry statistics made for a creative start to 2015.

February February

Designers to watch, London Fashion Week and a UK music manifesto - some of the highlights of February 2015.

March March

Highlights from advertising, design and games characterised March 2015. 

April April

Thunderbirds, 'Luxury at the V&A', and MIPTV - some of the highlights from April 2015.

May May

The UK Pavilion opened at the Milan Expo - one of the creative highlights of May 2015.

June June

From music festivals to tech start-ups, June provided creative and commercial highlights.

July July

Animation, technology and music were all on offer during July 2015.

August August

The documentary, AMY, videogames and the Edinburgh Festival - just some of the August highlights.

September September

Architecture, tech, film and games provided highlights for the creative industries in September 2015.

October October

Adele's return, the Creative Industries Council's first award and Britain's best new building - October highlights.

November November

Bond, music and fashion provided creative industry highlights during November. 

December December

TV Comedy, technology and publishing provided December 2015 highlights.